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Force Feeding with the Tube: Advanced Techniques Featured

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Here some advanced techniques for feeding with the tube. I have not posted about this for a while, but there are audio blogs in the audio recordings that talk about it. 

1. Disclaimer and Warning (gruesome, but necessary to mention)

Force feeding with the tube is something you have to do carefully. Due to the extreme nature, bodily harm can come to you. Your stomach will stretch and expand, but will not be able to handle too much speed or pressure suddenly. Your stomach can actually  burst from too much pressure, in which case you will likely die. Liquid, water or other fluids in the lungs can cause death, so be very careful. Make sure that the tube is really inside your stomach. If in doubt, try it first with yourself and then on your feedee, this way you know how it feels. Never start feeding right away with fattener or liquid, always do a trial with water first and only a very small amount. I am not a doctor and have no medical training or degree. When doing tube feeding and following these instructions, you agree that you are doing this on your own and any outcome is your own responsibility. If you are a feedee, make sure that your feeder is sane and careful. Don't go for tying down the first time, there is always another time and no need to rush it. Force feeding takes trust and bond of knowing what the feedee is OK with and what not. Only practice force feeding with the tube and being tied down at the same time with somebody you have ultimate trust and confidence in. 

OK, are you still here? You did not run away? ;-) OK, then lets get started.

Force feeding with the feeding tube has been one of the hottest ways for me to feed feedees. I is hard to put a finger on it why it is so hot. Part of it is surely that it is so extreme, that you basically get fattened up industrially. Imagine that you overeat a lot and your feeder wants you to gain, wants more and more, your stomach is getting larger and larger, stretches from the constant overeating. You already have a hard time getting full. You enjoy the pressure inside you, the feeling that you are about to explode, the fear of bursting. And so one day your feeder shows you the tube and you shiver and get so hot at the thought. And you imagine how your feeder would take you to this lab, where maybe pigs get fattened up or where other feedees have grown to gigantic proportions and have reached immobility. And he is there and has this huge fat pump that is ready for you and dreams of hooking you up. And he slides the tube down your gullet, and then it is inside your stomach and at that moment, your feeder controls your fattening process and speed. You can no longer say "I am full" and stop eating, he can still keep going. 

And maybe he is going to tie you down before he inserts the tube, and you can feel his hands grab your wrists and you have this amazing and incredible foreboding of what is going to happen next. You have grown, you have gotten fat and fatter, you have been force fed by other means, and now it is time for you to take the final step and be force fed with the tube, as you knew would happen eventually. And your roomy large stomach seems to be like built for this.

2. Pigs need this eventually

Especially when you are a pig feedee, you know that eventually you will need the tube inside you and feel how your stomach is filling and being inflated, feeling the pressure rise and experiencing this so vividly. Feeling the tube inside your mouth, holding it with your lips and feeling how you get filled and pumped up.

I can totally relate to that, I have experimented on myself a lot, to find out how it felt and make sure that the tube went the right way into the stomach and well, it has grown on me and now I love the feeling. So I know how it feels when I fill a feedee in this way. I have had contact with quite a few people that have tried this on their own or been fed by their feeders like this and it is a total dream. It will so well satisfy the need to gain and to be fattened up, to feel that you got a pig inside you, that longs to fatten you up, that waits for it and well, that you MUST gain and balloon up with fat and get a huge distended stomach that is a massive fattening machine inside you. I have talked one time with one feedee that tried it on her own and she said that she feels at times, just before inserting the tube, that she has this fattening pump inside her, just waiting to be switched on and that nothing else is strong enough but using a thick tube and feeling how your stomach is just like a sack, that can be stretched and pumped up. And I can totally relate to that sentiment, I feel the same sometimes when I look at my belly, how it has gotten fat and how it calls for more fat. It is like being an object, a sack that needs being filled with fat. 

And I'm attracted to tube feeding, well, actually need it, like other people that are into this, because I want to get a really huge stomach, one that makes me hungry all the time. And needless to say, a stomach that is 2 to 3 times as large as a normal small one is also multiple times as fattening. It makes you gain a lot faster if it takes you more and more food to get satisfied and full. And I guess that is also a reason that I am super attracted to women that have really large stomachs naturally. A woman like this will automatically get fat and is probably pretty fat already before she meets her feeder.

3. Stretching the Stomach

And stomachs can get really huge. A normal stomach has 1.5 liters, which is like 1.5 quarts, but a really large stomach can reach up to 2 gallons (which is like 8 liters) and with that size, the stomach will take up so much space, that breathing will become really hard and flat, which is also hot. Feeling pregnant with fat becomes a lot more real like this. Please remember that the stomach can stretch, but it has to be done slowly, to let it time to expand. Doing it too fast is dangerous! And the stretching has to be done constantly, otherwise the stomach will go back to its small size. There might be feedees out there that have a special sexy talent, whose stomach does not return to the original size and wow, I want to meet them! That is so super hot!

And if you have not experienced that yet, and want to try the tube or are attracted to it: There is this point, when you are getting full, where you feel your stomach, a little fullness and then the feeling changes into more pressure, and more, and you feel that this damn thing just keeps pumping you up, and you imagine that you are in this lab and being worked by a fattening machine and your stomach just conforms to it, gets fuller and fuller, the pressure rising. And you can imagine how it feels to be taken to a fattening lab and somebody telling you that they have watched you and that you have slowly fattened up and have now gotten ripe for the big time, that you are a real porker, your gut look like you need to be force fed and fattened up much faster. And that this pump is usually used to force feed pigs or geese (in a smaller version), but that it will work very nicely on your belly too.

And you hold your belly and pant and moan, while you are being inflated like a balloon, pumped up so easily. I love to be there with a woman and hold her belly and operate the little hand pump I got and massage her belly and hold her hand and tell her that it is OK, that she should just let it happen and that I know that she needs to fatten like this, badly and that it is normal for her to be force fed like this. And she and I know, that a fat sow needs to be fattened up like this, that is the ideal way. 

To call a person that is hot for tube feeding a lard tub, a sack of fat or fat sow, or jiggling sagging fat porker is not offensive or insulting, many people that are into such extreme weight gain love to be called things like this, it underlines what they really are and already know. I know I totally love it!

4. Preparing your feedee

It is important to realize that force feeding with the tube is far out and extreme and that a feedee might be scared of it. But many feedees are open to it, at least to try it. And if you are submissive or very submissive, you might be scared, inexperienced in it, you know that sooner or later it will be time for you to receive the tube. The feedee part in me for example knows that it won't be a choice for me, that I might wish to be fed that way, but pig deep inside me knows that I MUST be fattened up like that and that it will give me amazing pleasure to feel the tube inside me and feel the first little pressure as my stomach gets full, which is then transforming into strong pushing and powerful pumping, designed to stretch my stomach. I know that there are female feeders out there that also long for this, women that dream of  feeding a man like this and watching how he fattens up real fast and pretty helpless in getting fat and jiggly, both a specialty of force feeding with the tube. The important point to prepare your feedee is to take it slow,  

5. How to insert it

Now comes the tricky part ;-) Your gullet sometimes does not want to take the tube and will fight it. This can be because you are not used to having things being inserted inside your gullet or you just might not be in the mood. Sometimes it takes a little sexual arousal. And a totally extreme and grotesque (I guess it can be) thing becomes super hot. The thing about the tube is that the fact that it is so extreme makes it so hot, that is the main part. It is the ultimate force feeding experience! 

A way to train yourself to tolerate the tube inside your gullet without retching is to stick yourself a finger down the throat. And do it slowly, when you retch, stop there and let your mouth get comfortable with it, keep repeating it and go a little deeper. If you overdo it, stop and take a break. There is a thing where the gullet gets really irritated and you have to stop, it just gets worse and worse. So it is a matter to know when to stop and not overdo it. The choice of tube is also important: there are softer tubes, made of silicon, they irritate the gullet less, but lack the rigidity of a harder tube. It is advisable to use really thin tubes when you start. With increased training and as you fatten up and gain, as your stomach grows in size, you can step up the diameter of the tube to incredible dimensions, that will fill even a really large stomach in no time. An easy thin to start with are these transparent plastic tubes from home depot or any DIY store. Remember that some of them might have lead in it, you will see a notice saying that you should not use this for food stuff or to transfer beverages. This is OK, if you are just trying this out, but try to find one that is non-toxic. Now there are several techniques, one of them is just shoving it down slowly, keeping it at the back of your throat. Now if you get further and further down, there will be a point when you hit a snag, where it will not go further. That is likely where your gullet opens up. it is normally closed, so swallowing will open it up. Shove it down when it is open. That can be tricky to do and sometimes it helps to drink water and during gulps to advance the tube down. I thought it might be cool to have like a thing attached to the tube, at the end that goes down your gullet, like a little ball that dissolves once it is inside your stomach, but helps to pull the tube down, so you can actually swallow it. But I have never tried that so far and watch out that this ball is not too big, otherwise it will hurt and that it does not detach, that it is firmly attached to the end of the tube and stays there, you won't want this inside your lungs, that would be dangerous. So this just as a theoretical construct. When inserting the tube, also pay attention that you blunt any potentially sharp edges of the tube before, so it does not harm any delicate parts of the gullet. Also remember that there is a possibility of puncturing your gullet, I have read about it, but don't think it is likely. Not if you take care and push gently and act sensible. Never force anything when inserting, if it gets stuck, there is a reason why it does not move anymore. Always use your brain and listen to your feedee!

6. Is the tube in the right place?

Now once it is in, you will know and so make sure you shove it down further, so it does not risk slipping out again. But the question is now, is it in the right place. Is it securely in your stomach or did it in fact land in your lungs? (trachea) There are several tests, all of them are not really that scientific and foolproof, use your own judgment and common sense, be careful and sensitive at all times.

First, listen to the tube and see if you can hear your breathing, if air is coming out when you breathe. Can you hear strange gulping noises, can you hear when you swallow? That would be the right thing to hear. What happens when you blow into the tube? Do you feel your stomach inflate? Doing this on yourself first will help you know how this is supposed to feel, so you won't have to do it blind with your feedee. The blowing into it should work really well to establish if it is in fact your stomach that is inflating. Then, before using anything else, you can use just a little amount of water. Now if it is in your lungs, that will not feel good and you will be coughing your heart out like crazy, so watch out. If you think you are in the wrong place, pull out and try again, much better than risking something. I have heard from medical personnel that even little water can be dangerous in the lungs. Don't even think of trying fattener or liquid fat or something like this at first, that is extremely dangerous, use only water if you have to. I would never do this before trying the blowing test. There is also another test where you aspire some of the liquid and if done correctly, you should get stomach liquid coming out of the tube. For me it has always worked with just trying to blow in it and feeling the stomach inflate or she telling me that it is. (what a hot thing to hear from a woman!)

Once it is in, you can of course start filling. Use water first and make sure it is mildly salted, so that it does not drain the body of minerals and salts. If you use a lot of water, you can actually get water poisoning (if you probably use a lot more than what you would normally drink per day and keep in mind that you would of course not drink a days load of water in one go) You can use a bag that you hang up higher, so gravity will help transport it into the stomach. 

7. Safe word

At this point it is important that the feedee can communicate freely, even tough her mouth might be blocked and gagged. Use a safe word that says "slow down" or "stop, right now" I have used a thing like signals for cars, where you have green, yellow and red. And when she points to the green circle it means "go" and when her finger goes to yellow, it means "slow down" and red means "stop right now!" and of course you have to agree on honoring her wishes. Please remember that only she can feel what is happening in her stomach, this is really essential for force feeding. 

As always it is good form to go step by step and slowly first, till you get used to it and are more experienced. Don't let sexual arousal or hornyness drive you to do rash actions and proceed to fast.

8. The first Time, time to lose your virginity!

So if you are a feeder or feedee, you will remember your first time and be very eager to experience this. There is an incredible anticipation when a feedee of mine knows she is going to get the tube, that I am overfeeding her every time to grow her stomach, to make it ready for the tube and then, after a huge meal, at home, I show her the tube and she gets nervous in a very horny way and I maybe start tying her up, getting her ready. She might have already enjoyed sessions with a funnel and asked me before to do this first time with her tied down and unable to resist for extra pleasure. And I will take good care of her, I love first times, as every time I show this to a feedee, I can share that amazing anticipation and how wet she gets and it feels like my very first time. 

I even have met feedees that are still virgins and have been saving themselves for a very special sexual experience, not the meaningless first sex that many girls have, the wham-bang-thank-you-mam that young man do with a woman when they come in 40 seconds after entering. And for a real piggy of a feedee, that needs to grow into a pig and then into a fully blown sow this is the most exciting thing to lose her virginity. So fattening her up, seeing together with her how she starts gaining and how her stomach is growing and stretching though my constant over feeding is so hot. And I will decide when she is ready and fat enough, her stomach large enough, and her pussy ready too, soaked and totally crazily open and glowing because of all that fattening that drives her so horny . I love to fatten a woman up before I plug her in, in two hot ways, it is so much hotter to force feed an already huge fat porker, her belly getting huge and pumped up massively because she got trained to overeat massively. 

And her seeing herself in the mirror, her holding the tube in her mouth, feeling how her stomach is filling, she sees me hold her pussy and my huge long and super thick dick at the ready and then sliding inside her for the very first time ever. 

That is so totally incredible hot and sexy!

9. The tube in the nose

Inserting the tube through the nose has some advantages: you can leave the tube in there. You can hook her up to a little pump or a hanging bag anytime you like. If you use a band aid to hide it in her nose, you can even go out and make her overeat in an all-you-can-eat and it is really hot to imagine somebody asking "what is that in your nose" when he sees the little tube poking out and she answers: "That is a feeding tube, I am a fat pig, a sagging porker that needs to be fattened up. This man is my feeder and he is making me grow really fast right now, see how my belly is hanging down and how I'm bursting with stretch marks? He is impatient to get me immobile!"

What a hot thing! These kind of hot secrets between a feeder and feedee are totally amazing, the "if they only knew what this guy is doing with me" or "if these people knew that I am fattening her up like a fat sow, that I want her to be unable to get up, real soon."

You can also wake her up from a dream where she starts to inflate, where her belly suddenly starts pumping up and her stomach magically fills fast and then she can feel the pumping that is filling it more and more. And she wakes up and realizes that it is no dream, that it is actually happening to her.

A disadvantage is that it can be harder to insert, depending on the feedee, the nose needs to be numbed, otherwise it can feel really uncomfortable. Also, you cannot really use thick diameters, which a really fat woman with a huge stomach will definitely need more and more. A large roomy stomach needs a thick tube so you can pump up her stomach faster and more efficient. And you might want to use a mirror, so the feedee can see herself/himself, as such a large tube in the mouth can be really hot to see. Every time I see a feedee of myself holding it between her lips, every time I see myself holding that thick thing, I imagine this secret place, this lab, where they research the efficient fattening up of human beings and where I wish I would end up with my female feeder and where they have these pressure sensing pumps that can tell if my stomach can take a little more pressure and when I hold this tube in my mouth, I imagine being hooked up to one of these machines, it having direct access to my stomach and it mercilessly treating my stomach just like another sack that has to get pumped up and filled. And make my female feeder horny, as the pump makes my belly grow like a inflating balloon of fat. And it is a place where I would love to take my pig feedees, to make them really grow fast. This looks so incredibly hot, tube feeding on a woman that is really fat already, her stomach and belly used to overeating and the her sagging fat belly inflating and pumping up to incredible dimensions. It is where you really see how large such a fat ridden gut can get if you let a pump work on it. 

10. Funnel

Before starting with the feeding tube, using a funnel can be hot. And using a gag, where the person cannot close their mouth anymore, maybe even a one way valve, once it is in the mouth, there is no spitting it out, is even hotter. And what do you do if the feedee does not want to swallow? Well, you close her nose and tell her "common my fatty, go on and swallow it, so you can breathe again! We both know that you have to fatten faster and that I have to force you if you are not a good piggy! Piggy needs to turn into pig and pig needs to turn into waddling jiggling ball of butter, getting slower and slower, panting and flirting with immobility."

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