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November 26, Thanksgiving

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Here is a little status about my process.
I have been really really hungry these weeks and have been feeing isolated and frustrated about not being fed by a woman. I have not gained an ounce in over a year now. But a few weeks back, I felt the urge to gain so strong, that I couldn't stop feeding myself.
And really hard too, it was like a compulsion, a need to get fat and expand and balloon up, like there is a power that wants me to expand and become obese. Like I need to get fat, no matter what. And maybe it is all you guys that enjoy watching a male feedee gain and fatten up, and want to see how I expand and fatten, how the fat is going to change me and expand me into a really obese fat porker.

1. Tube Feeding

And I have been doing this pretty extreme, overeating, drinking fattener, using Fenugreek as a fat booster, as I don't gain easily and some days ago, I even started to experiment with the tube again.
I just had to do it, it was like a compulsion and so erotic, to fill me to the maximum and stretch the stomach, I was imaging how a woman would insert it, how she would be eagerly watching.
And the lust to gain and expand has been driving me, feeling that I'm too thin for many female feeders, that if I gain some, I will become more attractive and not seem to be so small.

2. Thanksgiving

Now it is Thanksgiving and it is time to overeat, to officially stuff myself and eat as much as I can. I'm not sure, but I think I have gained already some, my gut has gotten larger, the fat jigglier and softer. It is such a hot feeling, getting the belly inflated with fat. Knowing how I will fill out, how I need to fill out, and officially enter obesity, feeling how I get so fat that everything stars hanging and sagging, how I'm looking more and more like a fattened up hog, that the feeding and gaining is very visible and a feeder gets the impulse immediately, that I should gain more, be fattened up even more, that I can't stop now.

It is giving me so much joy and hot feelings to gain and expand, my belly still feels too firm and too small, it needs to grow.
I know that this offering myself so much, being so eager to grow and desperate must feel cheap to some female feeders, but I just can't help it. I think it might be because I can't gain well when not having help and that I'm still way too thin, that I should get up to 450 pounds just to feel normal and feel more in a normal weight. I can feel it in my belly, that I'm supposed to be obese and large.
Right now I'm at 270 pounds and just long to go over 300 and go towards 350, because that will help me gain a lot better. And I think a feedress would appreciate somebody like me that is open to gain and becoming obese, instead somebody that still struggles with their body image and considers gaining and fattening to be sick and not normal.

And so it is a Thanksgiving, I give thanks for all your help in making me gain.
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Hi, I'm Rubens_Feeder and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

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