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Bi Feeder couple fattening me

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Let me tell you a secret about me. I dream a dream that will pass as I fatten up and at the same time the dream will fatten me up.

I'm a bisexual feeder and feedee and I dream about a couple that is also bi sexual and both feeders. I would grow quite fast with them, as it would enable me being a fattening pig on many levels. This is something I want, I long for it.
So here it goes, let's start our story:

They both cornered me

individually. He contacted me as a male feeder, wishing to fatten me up.
And she had seen videos of me and wanted to fatten me up 100 kg (220 pounds) and it turned me on no end.

She was very fat already herself and said that he husband was driving her fatter and fatter.

He sometimes did not want to stop anymore and she told me that she gasped and panted from the forced feeding, her gut getting larger and more pumped up over days. And then she had strong fattening surges, where her gut inflated with fat, a result of the overfeeding.

She had a large apron already and a really fat gut, she was probably around 450 lbs and had a wide butt that made her sit wide, her ass fat spreading. Her skin was very soft and so was her fat and this lent to some amazing jiggling action.

When I met them, she looked even fatter in person, I noticed her huge hanging breasts, the head grown as she fattened and she now had two huge hanging bells, the type that got larger at the bottom, a poem of jiggly soft fatness. I hugged her and sank into her fat like a large mattress, her gut was huge, her tits to K cup super hangers, I even noticed the hanging bags of lard on her arms, she was a goddess of fat. got a hard on from that, to which she smiled and whispered in my ear "I know you love fat, I love how lean and thin you are, I'm going to make you balloon up, we both will, I will grow you fatter than I am! I can wait to waste you with fat and make you sag!"
She explained to me that it was her last resort, that she was pushed to gain and fatten, she wanted to pay somebody back for it. And she would make myself immobile for it.

I wanted to fatten her up too, make her jiggle and wobble even more, it was so hot.

Then I hugged Bruce and was amazed how lean he was. he was tall and his belly was almost fatless and full of muscles. He did not say anything but his hand found my belly and probed my fat. He checked me out, the sides, the legs, the arms, to see where I had put on how much fat. I moaned in low volume and when he heard it, he felt confirmation that his impulse was the right one and his hand went further down and below my bellly, found my FUPA, my fat pad and examined it, probed it, pinched it. It felt like he was checking how far along I was with being fattened up. I realized that my FUPA was telling him something that had been fattening me up for years. That I was a human pig and they would keep fattening me up, more and more and more. And that I would become the fattest human being in existence.
He gasped and I could feel something very large and hard on my legs, I gasped and moaned when I felt how I needed to fatten up and how my lard was turning him on.
"I need to pump you quite a bit my fatty" he whispered in my ear, you need to fatten up 60 pounds (30 kg) to get ready for me. As you can feel, I'm huge and made for fucking immensely fat porkers and you need to reach 360 pounds (160 kg), before I take your virginity. You will get there quickly, trust me, Deidre and me both want to see you fatten quick!"

It sent me reeling and my hard cock met the fat of my gut that was starting to hang. We sat down and both Bruce and Deidre looked at me with excitement.
"We talked about you" said Bruce. "What we both found out about you is very hot. Deidra and me, we both want you as a feedee, to speed up your fattening considerably.
Deidra nodded and was visibly flushed with arousal "we can see how ripe you are for fast fattening. We will make you a lot fatter!"

The rest of the evening was like in trance, they told me about their camping trips together and the times where they have had secret sex, sometimes in public, so that people could see it.

When I visited them, they always fucked and he showed me her FUPA, her fat pad where her pussy was hidden deep in a quasi second belly. He jiggled it and she got aroused, when her whole pussy wobbled. This was the reason this got so fat and, guy that had a super long cock, to give them something hot to fuck, they were made for the fattest women there were.
And then he talked about my FUPA, saying that he wanted it to become a lot fatter, so that my cock got sucked in and formed a fat vagina, with like a large clitoris. He wanted to be able to fuck my fupa. And then he fed her, fattened her up and I could watch. I also helped and gave her fattener shake that she had to drink, a high percentage mix of different fats, coconut, olive oil, butter, peanut butter and finally, pig lard.
Whoever sinned early on like I did, with a lot of pork fat, was destined to receive instructions from all this fat in the belly to get even more and to overindulge in pig fat in order to keep growing and speed it up.

He fucked her hard while we fed her and it was so hot to see how sex could be used to coerce a piggy to fatten up and I wanted to be fattened up by them both. Her huge tits moved forwards and backwards like a pendulum.
her huge fat FUPA gave his large cock more and more challenge and fun. And her FUPA, he knew that, would show how mine looked when I get more and more obese.

That happened soon, at the next meeting, we met for dinner in an all you can eat restaurant. I soon found out why we had gone there, as both of them started to bring me food and in a private booth, in a little separated area, on of them bringing food, the other one sitting next to me and feeding me with it. I soon found myself in front of pounds and pounds of bacon and needed to swallow it all, pat of me was furious at me, for having grown so slow and welcomed that I now was finally fattened up like I needed to.

There were several moments when I thought my gut would explode, but they both massaged my fat and told me to stop stalling and finally start to balloon up. That I needed to gain anyway, get very fat for sure, so why delay instead of just getting at it and helping along.

Their hands rested quickly on more and more fat.
The fed me till I could not get up anymore, and let me sit to digest and then fed me again.

And as a reward, I got to fuck Deidre, finding her vagina deep in her huge FUPA. Just fucking her was fattening me up, watching how fat and jiggly she had gotten and that I was on the way there. Her whole FUPA jiggle and wobbled, her gut swayed and was so soft and jiggly that it looked like water and her heavy tits were moving forward and backwards.

And watching her huge belly slap and slosh back and forth, while I started to jiggle more and more. She made me drink fattener while I fucked her, looked at my gut and wanted more, faster, fatter...

As I got fatter, he loved seeing my ass jiggle and while I fucked her, his fingers found my ass more and more. He stroked and played with my anus and noticed how it was getting fatter and deeper all the time, he he was getting his reward for fattening me up, that fattening up and gaining made me into a dream for a huge cock carrier. And when I felt him get hard, I stuffed myself especially greedy and fast. My asshole was getting saddled with fat. Before my anus, I was starting to get a very hot far funnel, that was ideal for a very long and destined to find a super thick cock like his. And very long, as long as a horse and his fattening me up made it grow inch by inch.
And then she also wanted to fuck me and enjoyed that so much, while he watched me jiggle from her thrusts and pushes.

I do what is natural, as a thank you for him fattening me up, I take his cock greedily, and open up, suck his cock. It was huge, made me choke, but I kept going, deeper and deeper, while he moaned. I had seen her take it and she had taken it deep.

He then always made me drink fattener, as I sucked his cock. He always mixed together different fats in it, coconut, butter, olive oil and last but not least pork lard. He then steadily increased the amount of pork lard as I fattened up and gained, both he and Deidre knew that this was no ordinary fat, but from pigs that they had fattened up really quickly, as a sport and often, making her watch, as a tease, to make her want him fatten her up like this too. The fast growing fat was going up in me like a bomb and gave me new impulses, made me want to fatten faster and faster. They both got a kick out of programming me for fast weight gain in this way.


1. Impregnation

As I gulped down the fattener, Bruce watched me, getting an even harder cock, he watched my fat gut and my double chin and it turned him on to know how much pork fat he had givien me and that I did not know, but that my weight gian was speeding up. When I had finished the bottle, I looked at his flat stomach and touched it, feeling the muscles and how lean it was. I knew that his thinness was pumping me up, that I needed to gain because he was so fatless, I was the one that was absorbing all the lard and that it was good for me. Then he gave me another bottle and I had to down that too.

The pork lard was coating my gullet excitingly for fucking my throat, but it was of course also pumping fat into my gut, faster and faster. The pig fat, having grown really fast, was saddling me with the exact same of course, the more I carried in me, how the pig lard swelled my tits, my ass, me belly and my FUPA, it made me wish for more and more speedy weight gain and like the pig, I had more and more need to be fattened up.

Bruce loved the feeling of going all the way in and my lips and tongue touching his balls. He knew how far he was and he slid it all the way out, dipped it deep with pork lard and then put his cock in my mouth so my tongue was around his huge head. Then he grabbed my double chin and I knew he was not happy, it was too small, it only made me look like a fattened up pig, I had the double chin of a very fat guy. His other hand went to my FUPA and felt the fat there, checked how thick it was and then went to my butt and probed the prodigious fat ass that I was getting. I was a literal lard ass. Then he grabbed my head with both hands and pulled, so that his cock slid in, deeper and deeper into my mouth and all the way in, I wanted to say something but all I got out was grunting and panting.

His cock still went in deeper and his huge heavy balls touched my lips and I started licking them submissively. I knew that his cock was a very fattening influence for me, it was fattening time for me.

I could feel that already before, that the fat destabilized my gut, but right at that moment, something like popped inside me, I could feel the fattened swell inside my stomach, I was too fat, I should not have drank that much.
It felt like letting go and my whole gut came forward, it was like it had lost firmness. Ohh, I knew I had to be careful or I would get into pumping up territory. He saw my gut and his cock grew harder than before, his slipped into my anus while his other pulled my head more into his cock. The fingers on my butt felt like "you know what I want!" from him.

Then he came with loud moaning and pushed all the way in, as far as it would go and I felt his pulsating pumping. And as the sperm mixed with the fattener, it blew up inside me. I saw the gigantic fat guy that he wanted me to become, belly hanging down to the floor, wobbling and jiggling, unable to walk more than a few steps. And his ejaculation pumps echoed in my gut and suddenly the rhythmic pumping spread all around my belly.
His whole balls emptied and his sperm impregnated me with fat, I could feel it.

Deidre got really hot seeing what he was doing with me and my gut. The pumping got stronger, louder and was visible on my gut and kept going even after he had ejaculated directly into my stomach.
How thin Bruce was, how huge his cock and the his love for very fat to immobile women and men reacted in my gut with the creating energy of his semen and all that fattener, plus my own lard in my gut and boosted new fat production through the roof. My gut ballooned up, not just with pressure, but with fast-growing lard. They held me as a ballooned, him from behind, his cock hanging heavily between my legs and his hand grabbing my growing fat gut. And she was in front of me, me sinking into her fat gut and front. It was clear to the both of them, that I would soon join Deidre in bulk and fatness. It was exactly what they wanted, they wanted to get me fatter than her.

We all loved each other and I knew since I loved them, I had to fatten up for them and give them pleasure with my growing fat.

In history, all the largest cocks were always at odds with normal assholes and vaginas and were supremely attracted to very fat men and women or made sure they got very fat.

And Bruce had exactly that plan for me and Deidre too. They fattened me up quickly. My FUPA pumped up steadily and they both monitored my progress there, every fat male pig feedee got this, it was the natural consequence of absorbing and getting fattened up, it made me more and more submissive. my cock was being sucked in and absorbed into the lard, it was soon encased in fat. At the same, I wanted to get fucked by the feeders that make me fatter.
When he got hard and huge, I started breathing hard, his 12-inch monster got a bigger and bigger tease. After a week of almost nonstop fattening and me finally getting Deidre's size, he fattened me up especially strong.
I was gasping and panting when he masturbated to me. I was so fat, and saddled heavily with fat, that I knew that both of them would keep fattening me more.
And after he had made me drink a bottle of fattener, I wanted to thank him so much for fattening me up like a pig and I found his huge cock and swallowed it. I looked at him, so he could see that I wanted him, needed him and that my mouth was an example, of how exciting my lard ass was shaped.

And how my ass opened up then, how I needed to get fucked by him. I jiggle and wobbled, my gut hung, my tits too, my fat folds on my sides were riddled with stretch marks.

Then he grabbed my fat side firmly, it was a claim, owning me, because I carried a ton of fat by him. And all the fat and being fattened up had prepared for him. I had gotten a gigantic massively fat funnel ass, that was super deep and made for really large cocks.

He bent me over and slapped my lard ass and it jiggled for a long time.
His fingers were at my anus, and I could feel how demanding they were. Since I was such a lard ass already, he gave me something that all really fat fucks like me feared. He shoved on a stick of butter into my butt, then another and another.

I knew he was getting me ready for him and I knew I was getting ready and would yield even more to the fattening.

Then came a surprise, I felt his lips kiss my anus and then with loud moaning and hot panting, I could feel his tongue on it, something that I would have to pay in large currency for. I knew at that moment, that the gesture was at least 300 pounds of additional fat and weight gain. I grew a lot more submissive and I grabbed his cock and let him find my funnel.

Then I could feel him slide in, I could feel the fat funnel guiding his large rod directly to my anus. It bumped there and then started pushing. Part of me wanted to run and get away, he would fatten me up, I would be lucky to still be able to walk. But I was paralyzed, my whole lower body was fat and lazy, I was giving in, I got so submissive and agreed.
At that moment, I felt fat pump into me, giving such a fat guy like me fat in this way was very inflating. He kept pushing and pushing, I could feel my anus open over his large cock head and gasped when it finally slid in.
Oh, he was so huge, but it felt so good, he had fattened me up with Deidre all this time, had desired me all the time, had had a hard-on and wanted to fatten me to fuck me.

Then I looked at Deidre and she kissed me, kissing into my moans as I was fucked by the person that was fattening me up most. Her own belly was rapidly fattening, we pushed the fat pig to gain rapidly too. I loved how huge her apron already was.
Bruce moaned and panted, looks like my lard was exciting to fuck.

Soon, after he had fucked me for a while, Deidre and I had to line up and he fucked us intermittently, her in her pussy, me in my ass

I looked over to her and saw her gut and tits jiggle and wobble when he fucked her and then it was my turn.
Deidre and I kissed, deeply, felt how we got fattened up. Deidre got hot how I fattened up and how her efforts were always fattening me up.

Sometimes we loved to take Bruce between us, Deidre and me hugged and Bruce, with his small lean frame, got in between us and slid inside Deidre with his super FUPA prepared cock and I held him from behind, him being encased by lard front to back.


2. Eating contest:

When Bruce was unhappy how slow we both fattened up, he made us eat in a contest. He first fed us both, then let us feed eachother, each knowing that the winner would be who could eat the most.
We knew, the one that could eat more was the one that got fucked by Bruce, the other one had to eat while the other two fucked and work on his/her fattening up.

This was very fattening for the both of us and our guts sagged more and more, hung down as a gigantic fat apron, the tits moving and hanging.


And now I need to finish this story, otherwise I will never publish it.

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