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Are we all being fattened up like pigs?

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This is really exciting to hear, I'm sure it is true and probably the reason why my fattening is speeding up and why I long to be fattened up by a feeder, well even more to be pushed and urged to put on fat, to be force-fed.

I noticed that I crave more and more for fat pork belly because I have sinned before, overstuffed myself with bacon and fat pork belly and I carry that fat on my own gut now and it is inflating me, preparing me to fatten up like a pig, making it hot and attractive. It is very exciting and hot, I wish a female feeder would push me to gain. I'm already fattening up faster and faster, I need to really swell fast with lard.

A female feeder that is horny for me being so insatiable and

how that I need ot fatten, that I can't stop. I have heard that some female feeders will not let their males feedees have sex, to keep them horny and hungry and desperate for more fattening and sit on their feedees face so that her pussy goes over his mouth and he then licks and pleasures her. I can relate to that, I feel that need to thank her for fattening me up. And there is a really hot game that she will play, where she puts fattening morsels in her pussy, so that her dripping wet excitement can mix with the fat and fatten him up even better.

Do you know how you would drive me crazy and horny with fattening me like this? For making me put on lard? Seeing you get wet at my fattening up is honoring my weight gain and I want to fatten up for you. I want to eat you out and absorb all the hornyness for my fattening up. And pleasure you, hear how you moan and pant and see how long it takes me to make you cum.
I would love to hear your sexy voice moan in heat.

I love eating such meat that probably is very fattening for a fat porker like me, I gained a lot since coming to the USA, it is fattening me up step by step. It turns me on that I might already be saddled with the fat of animals that were conditioned and pushed to fatten up faster and it probably also means that I must be fattened up then, that I need to gain and put on lard.

I imagine that we have a pet pig, that gets fattened up and she fattens it up really hard and wants to see how fast a pig can fatten when it is force-fed a hi fat diet. And pushing the fat pig, to gain quickly, the fat growing easily and quickly, that pet pig was fattening up for me.
And fattening it up has a clause, that I signed, that the pig would fatten up for me, especially for me and that I had to honor it, by helping to fatten me up, that every last pound was used and that I gasped and panted, so happy, so horny when she force-fed me with a pump and the liquified pork fat and I was so happy how I fattened up, because I had already absorbed 50 pounds of pork lard and I could feel more and more like a pig, it helped to have rapid growing lard in my gut, fat cells that were full with pork lard and multiplied happily and readily to fatten me up faster. And that I want to be fattened up, I long for it, I can feel how a pig needs to fatten up, must grow, must inflate, must get fatter and fatter.

It is a super hot thought that there would be no escape, but that all pork fat had to go into me, that she would patiently and diligently force-feed it into me.

She gave me little cans of "porky get fatter!" drink, which was delicious, but extremely fattening. It was basically pure liquified pork lard, but with delicious flavors that made it easy to drink. And that gesture, to give me, such a fat porker, something so insanely fattening.
This is like if you had a fat pump and hooking me up to it and running it for 1 minute and then wonder how much fatter it will make me.

Maybe I have eaten too much of that fattening hormone riddled pork fat and I'm enjoying it already a lot and actually need to gain and need a female feeder to fatten me up, not just a little, but a lot and fatten me up like a feeding pig and do an experiment how I fatten up with it.

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