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Unhappy fat doctor

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As I'm being fattened up, I have more and more hot dreams at night. I was at a doctor's office and he was not happy with me, I had not reached the set goals for me about my weight. He said that we had discussed last time that a 20 kg  (44 lbs) more fat weight gain goal

would be ideal and that the 145 kg (320 pounds) weight for my height was where the prefattening ended and all the fat was just there as feed fat, it boosted empty fat cells that then could fill in the main fattening cycle.
And he said that he would rather like to see me at 160 kg (352 lbs). He grabbed my belly and measured it and explored the belly on the bottom, on the left and right sides and found a tiny little fat flap.
"Here we can see your apron in the making! the 20 kgs more should bring that out nicely, then you will get a good grab for a belt"
I did not understand what that meant, so he called another patient from the waiting room and exposed his belly. This gut was quite a bit fatter than me and his belly was hanging and his belly was now two parts, upper belly with the pump up balloon ball and below, where sagging fat was making it hang, he demonstrated how the belt slid into the valley between the both. I was too thin still, my belt did not stay put, I needed to be pumped up with fat.

It was so hot to see this other guy, his belly was very visibly fattened, the stretch marks, the way it looked like a pig's, I knew that this was up for me too. There is a weight, when a man starts to look like a fattened-up hog, his double chin large and fat and his gut huge and drum-shaped, his apron hanging and sagging.
"It has all to do with the fat pad, it is the pit fattening degree indicator. Any really fat guy will have a huge fat pad."
He asked his other patient (they seemed to know each other well) to drop underwear and he lifted the fatty's belly up and there I saw it, the piggification indicator for this fat guy: his cock just barely poked out of the lard, many inches were already encased in a huge fat mound of lard that jiggled heavily.
"you would not believe how hot that is if you lose your cock like this, you can masturbate with jiggling the fat pad.
"Let's see where you are" the doctor said and I realized that I would take off my pants and show my fat pad. And when they both saw it, the doctor said:
"See, you are in the early stages, just prefattening, as I said, you just lost a few inches so fart, that fat pad needs to pump up hard and inflate. You need to feel that fat shaft inflates all around your cock.

"Don't worry, we will get you there!" said the doctor and patted my fat pad and massaged the first little start of the fat apron that I would get.
"Sometimes you have to use a little stronger methods, I could help you by arranging a feeding session where they use a tube in your stomach, it has huge advantages: When you get full, we just keep feeding you, if you are not hungry anymore, your belly keeps filling. And it stretches the stomach nicely!"
He measured my fat pad and how far the cock had already sunk in and he said he wanted to see me in a week, after more aggressive feeding and he expected a shorter cock and a thicker fat pad.

And my Feeder gets a prescription for some Easyblow weight gain helper and some Lard+ (concentrated from the fat of feeding pigs, and Balloon-o-Pump, specially formulated for my weight class, all speeding up new fat growth and multiplication of fat cells, as well as filling them.

Most of them come from the hog feeding world, where they noticed that human beings also gained from them.

It included a large package with 80 pills. A daily dose was 1 pill and it had a doctor's note with a recommendation to give me a strong overdose from at least one of them to get my fat growing quickly.

I was already stuffed and pumped up full, a huge meal, when the bottle suddenly stood in front of me on the table, I could feel the fattening pig in me saying in my mind "you don't need to know what that is, trust your feeder, pump it down inside you and stretch!"
And when I drink, I can feel my stomach groaning and pushing from the pressure, oohhhh, this is so fat!
"drink fat pig! Fatten! Gain! Pump up like you should! Fat pig! Drink!"
and I do. And even before I'm finished, with huge pressure in my stomach, I get hungry like crazy, it feels like I'm going to starve if I don't eat more.
"Oh please feed me more!" I beg and my feeder does. I keep eating and my stomach keeps stretching, and there are little pumps in my fat gut, as the overdose of fattener blows up and conditions me for fast weight gain. It is ruining my belt, which explodes when my gut pumps up in one big push.
And looks like I will be able to meet my doctor's expectations after all.

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