Tuesday, 27 December 2022 07:14

Huge Funnel for Fat Apron

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I want to talk to feeders that want to make my fat apron grow and swell, give me a hanging belly, that is so hot. Look at this video,

Sunday, 20 November 2022 06:29

I can't stop eating and gaining

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I'm stuffing myself these days, I have a ravenous appetite. It is like I'm being hypnotized to pump up, I can't stop eating and I don't notice how much I have already eaten, but I need to gain and fatten up, fast. My belly needs to fatten up, I know this, I feel more and more like a fattening pig, I can feel how it is controling me and pushing me fatter and fatter, I don't have a choice if I want to gain or not, I must.

And there are feeders that only care about how much I gain, not about me as a human being, but how much fat I produce.

It turns me on gaining, it turns me on putting on fat and growing, the fattening and sex drive are directly connected. It feels like force feeding is coming and I have to prepare my fat gut so I can take the pressure and my belly not popping from too much.

Tuesday, 11 October 2022 08:05

The Hot Date with my Female Feeder

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When I started dating you, I hoped against hope that you were into feeding, but of course knew that the chances for a normalo to be into it was very slim.

But one thing that turned me on was that she kept looking down at my belly.
And so I could not stop myself from fattening up, every time we met, I was a little fatter, and she could not believe it, how that looked, how my belly was visibly getting fatter. A feeder watching how her feedee fattens up is the most exciting thing in the world.

And then she did something that sped it up even more: She insisted that we make a picture, because how huge I looked next to her.
And every time she took another selfie with me, I got fatter and she looked at these pictures, switched them in sequence, making me fatten up step by step with each picture and she pleasured herself to it and had amazing mindblowing orgasms. And everytime she she did, it made me desperate to overeat, I had to stuff myself and gain for her, my dream feeder, stuff myself and fatten up, because she wanted me extremely obese.
Female feeder's orgasms have this thing on male feedees that it makes them fatten up faster and faster.

I did not know she was doing it, but I got so horngry, stuffing myself with fattening stuff and being unable to stop. And it made me fatten up faster, at which point she couldn't believe her eyes how much I had fattened up in a short amount of time.

When I was in her presence, I got especially hungry and I wanted to stuff myself silly, I got horny from the pressure in my stomach, how my belly was inflating just like that.

She could not contain herself and when we hugged, her hand went to my belly fat and she moaned loud at what fat hanging gut she found there.
"Ohhh, you are growing so much fatter!" she exclaimed.


And then, without saying much, she just did what she knew she did best and I did what I knew I did best, I let her guide me to her car, by grabbing on my fat folds on the sides, and then driving me to an In and Out Burger and ordered 10 double double burgers with cheese and proceeded to stuff myself with them.
She animated my by slapping my fat belly and grabbing the fat and telling me that she wanted me to fatten up for her and dipped her hand into her dripping wet pussy and showed it to me and let me lick it off and swallow.

And that makes me even hornier and hungrier. We ended up in a hotel room, where I could hardly walk because I was so pumped up.
She then fed me with very thick cut bacon pieces, it was really fat pork belly, but I did not realize it, I could not think, I just had to swallow and gain and being fattened up. She played with herself in front of me, watched me wolf it down, watched me purposefully fatten myself up for her.

This porker fat was so fattening, any fat man had to be very careful, as such fat activated something really old in every super fat porker.
There was a moment when the fat porker in the village got too fat, was unhappy that he emptied every buffet and all the party food and decided that if he wanted to be insatiable, that is what he should get. And then they all started to feed him for weight gain, calling him a fat porker, teasing him with fat bacon to make him sit down and wolf down bacon, unable to stop, till he gut was huge and inflated and pumped up and it would not take long for him to fatten up from all that pork fat. So they pushed him to overeat, stretched this gut and fed him more and more like a real pig.

I swallowed greedily what she fed me, I could feel the need to gain in my gut. I was so horny that I wanted to have sex with her, but she held me back and told me to keep stuffing myself, while she masturbated in front of me, her pussy so wet. She kept feeding me with fat pieces of pork lard and I moaned as I swallowed it all and licked her finger when she presented them from her pussy. She noticed that the growing pressure inside my fat gut pushed my tongue out and I looked more and more like I needed to get some really powerful fattener to swallow, the pussy juice of an highly aroused female feeder that was fattening me up.

I reached the point when I felt I was about to explode in my belly, and my tongue was pushed out wide, my belly groaned and started to grow with fat.
I liked her passionated, my face was deep in her pussy, my tongue deep in her wet cave and I licked and swallow and it did not take long for my fat to start blowing up, it was like her hot pussy juice, saturated with wanting me to gain for her made my fat pump and inflate. And then she came, hard, and it sent a pump through my fat gut and ignited me fat pig and the pumping started, I started to swell with lard and expand.

Now I was fattening faster, my fat reservoirs started to inflate with fat. It showed what a fattening pig I was and I was gaining quite a lot faster after that, she loved force feeding me.

It was exactly the right thing to do with me fatty.


Monday, 12 September 2022 07:22

Fattening me up in the night

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I often have the feeling that I was fattened up in my dreams when I wake up, I can never remember, but is is fattening me up more and more. And I have wondered if they take me away while making me sleep and then fatten me up and

Friday, 09 September 2022 07:50

Me fattening up like a pig

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I'm turning into a pig, I'm a fat factory and you are taking me to bathe in liquid fat.
What happens is unavoidable, I get fatter and fatter and can't stop.

I'm getting more and more impulses to fatten up like a pig, I need you to fatten me up like a fattening hog, I can't stop and should start ballooning up with it. I imagine we are at a fat factory and

Tuesday, 05 October 2021 10:47

Podcast: My diary as a male feedee, 19. June 2021

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Another installment of my podcast about me being a feedee and gaining.

The podcast is available in mp3.

Download link:
Podcast: My diary as a male feedee, 19. June 2021

Podcast about a symbol that feeders and feedees could use to out themselves as such with out taking a risk.

The podcast is available in mp3.

Download link below this:
Podcast: The Willy Wonka Symbol, how to meet feeders and feedees IRL (male and female)



Another installment of my podcast about me being a feedee and gaining.

The podcast is available in mp3.

Download link:
Podcast: My diary as a male feedee, 24. March 2021

Thursday, 15 July 2021 09:33

Sitting here, the fat coming for me

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Like so many times, I'm sitting here and feel the fat coming for me, I feel the strong urge to put on fat in my belly, I'm in fat trance, strongly fat addicted and need your help getting my gut-growing and experience fast weight gain. Have you mixed something super fattening for me, heavy cream that is even more concentrated? Then please don't hesitate, fill me up with it,

Another installment of my podcast about me being a feedee and gaining.

The podcast is available in mp3.

Download link:
Podcast: My diary as a male feedee, 2. March 2021 (a bulletproof weight gain method)

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