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The Selection

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This story came from being inspired by a fantasy from feedees about having like a pull cord at your belly button that your feeder can pull that makes you pump up like a emergency floating craft that airlines have. It's a hot fantasy and I hope you enjoy it as much as it turned me on.

Spell checking is not done yet, so bear with me, there will be a gazillion typos in here surely. I have been working on this story for most of this year, so I just wanted you to be able to enjoy it and that is what I am publishing it half finished.

1. My operation

I don't remember anymore how the operation was, I just remembering waking up in a hospital room and not being able to move my legs. I can't believe that she talked me into this. But she was right, how long did I want to waste my life being thin or merely plump? The operation had changed all that, I would soon be paired up and not long after my special somebody would pull my cord and put in motion a series of events that likely will end up in me being as bed bound as I was now.

I looked down to my belly and found that little gem stone in my belly button of which the operation had been the purpose all along. With the operation, HFL corp paying for it, I had agreed to some life changes. And the little puppy in my belly button was both a symbol and a strong purpose.

I now carried it for a special woman, that would enjoy it even more than I do. There were quite a few people in similar beds all around the hospitals and I had met one woman on the day before my operation and I had been amazed how fat she was already and being in a wheelchair, having almost no mobility, chosing the operation.

Would I chose a woman like her? I loved super fat, it made me horny and excited and all of it. But I also needed a feeder that was mobile. I had the feeling that my very submissive side needed special attention and a feeder that could still move around and make sure that I grew the much faster. It was hot to be chosen and to chose like this. It was like being married off, to be matched. To be put in the careof somebody that would make sure I fullfilled all my potential, to fill out as much as I needed to.

I knew that the selection would happen in a few days and I was nervous for it. How would it be to become fat and even more important to be matched up with somebody that would make sure I was getting fatter? After a day or so, I could move my legs again and had first trouble walking. I met Claudia in the cafeteria. I saw immediately that she had gained. She was bubbly as always and her powerful sexuality shone through, her wide hips and her heavy bossom underlining it. She told me that she was horny and eager to meet her feeder, that she had fantasies and was constantly overeating. I noticed that she was much more at peace with her destiny. I was still torn between living a normal ordinary life and participating in science, working for HFL. And Claudia laughed, knew me too well for my own taste:

"It's not like you got a choice anymore" she said. "You had the operation. You got the alteration inside you, there is no way you can undo it."

"And you know that you signed the agreement. But even if you would run away, and not chose a feeder that pulls your cord and activates your belly, still the same would happen: In a few weeks the most the barriers would dissolve, and your belly would start pumping you up. But you would not know where and when and you would not have anybody help you, no feeder that takes care of you. And ending up in the hospital and slowly gaining and unable to stop, doctors trying out treatment after treatment, maybe even liposuction, and all no helping a damn is not something you want. You want to be here where they know your special needs, where they give you free treatment for the special needs you got now. And special equipment too" and with that she smirked.

"I can't wait for him to pull my plug and make me inflate, I know it is going to be so great!" she quipped and showed me her diamond shaped plug in her belly button. it was larger than mine, which made sense, she was also larger. Her belly, as well as mine were exposed, and I noticed that she had already stretch marks on her belly. Mine had none so far, but that would soon change. And of course you could immediately tell which people were signed up on the contract like me and Claudia, as their bellies were also exposed and showed the tube like pull cord, that was for the feeder to pull, which lead to the bonding and the burst of rapid expansion and fattening. Claudia had told me that it was like being a swimming west or a life boat, that was inflatable. You pull the cord and it rapidly inflates. 

And now that I have had the operation, it sounded even hotter. I knew that I just had to find a good feeder for me that would help me gain and even make me if necessary, if I got scared and got cold feet. Everything would work out and be wonderful. In my case, it was a little more complicated, as she had to be a feedee too herself. I could not imagine how it would be to have a mutual gainer, to be both in the process of fattening. That we were both working to stop world hunger and give science the insights into what made a human being gain and become fatter. I got nervous and horny at the thought. I felt the cord, that was more like a tube, the way it went into my belly, how I felt it deep inside and how I was like a Christmas present for a woman that I would still meet. And how they would do research on on for why certain prescription medication, anti inflamatories or psychopharmaceutical drugs caused rapid weight gain, why a person gained, even though they ate normally. How it boosted the fattening process of the body, that fat got stored automatically, instead of being used. And they would refine these and isolate the compounds, do test series on us. The operation that we have had was just the first step. It was there to get us up to weight. And from what I had heard from Claudia it was fucking crazy: Removing part of the colon that was known to stabilize weight, making a person much more likely to become naturally obese. And receiving part of the digestive tract of some other test subject that was already extremely fat and had not been able to walk for a year. There was something strange, when I saw some of the women and men in wheelchairs, their bellies huge sagging things, sometimes spreading their legs with the hang and having a plug too. I felt connected to these people, I wanted to honor them by getting this large myself and making sure that my feedee also did. And it also felt beautiful and sensual and natural to aspire to such huge dimensions. I wondered if I was already a little fat addicted and how much they had implanted inside my belly and if the new colon was already changing me inside,  and how fat the person had been that had given us "this seed" And the way I felt about these role models in wheel chairs ran deeper than I thought: I did not know this, but in the operation they implanted me a small segment of small intestine. They did not want to shock me or even allow me time to prepare for what was to come. The donor of the segment was a morbidly obese woman of over 1000 pounds. Her colon did not mind the loss of the segment, as it kept growing and expanding and quite uncontrollably so. The three feet of colon that was now inside my gut reduced her colon size and her fat absorbtion capacity for a while. But then it would just grow back and keep growing. Something had happened inside her belly when she had been forcefully fattened over 700 pounds and due to this uncontrollably growing colon condition, she had gained at an unbelievable clip. What the surgical team knew was that while the 3 feet from this super obese mega porker was healing into my small intestine, it would start to grow and eventually transfer the same condition over to my insides. Watching really fat people in wheel chairs turned me on and inspired me for reasons I could not yet understand, but were working inside my own belly to get me into the same size and shape.

Was it my imagination or had I also gained during the operation and the time I was bed bound?


2. Tests

The next day I was called by the lab to do testing They took blood and tissue samples, as well as an ejaculation, so they could examine my sperms. There was also a battery of psycological questions, about my likes and such. The woman giving the tests was thin and cheerful and I blushed a little during some of the questions. She kept telling me that it was in my full interest to answer truthfully about my likes and aversions, as well as what turned me on. They would match me with a woman and her with me and that it only really worked good for me if I was open about it. I was first intimidated, but then got more open, the woman interviewing me had a very disarming way. When she asked me about my prefered breast size I said very large and she showed me pictures and it turned me on when she asked "large than this?" and I nodded. She was delighted when she showed me the largest breast sizes on record and I reacted positively to them. "Oh wow, you are one of the special lovers.  A woman carrying such large udder sized breasts is going to be blessed with you. And don't worry about the erection, that just shows that you are telling the truth" she smiled knowingly.

"Are you by any chance into milking  and lactation?" she ventured a guess. I nodded and she smiled delighted, "didn't I know that already!" and she put a check mark on the form. It made me especially horny sice I knew these were real women, some of them maybe even people that I would meet at the selection. She took the opportunity, smiling to measure my cock size.

"Wow, fucking thick one, have not see this before, really rare!" She listed me in the profile at 7.5 inches long and 6 inches around.

"We got some women that will love that and will grow to dimensions that will need really large dicks. Would you like to grow larger?"I couldn't believe the question, she asked as if it was about the weather. 

"Is that possible?" I asked. 

"Oh yeah, with a cock size that large there is a lot of potential with the right hormone therapy. I will add the supplements automatically to your diet from now on. Oh, and make sure you are naked in the selection, so that a potential mate can see how large you got and make sure you are not being polite" she smiled an evil smile "and 'show' her what you like. No point in false modesty or beating around the bush here"

There were more questions. These were specifically concerned about feeding and gaining. I wanted to tell her about what kind of feedee I was looking for, but she immediately asked me about myself. How I would gain. And I told her a little, but held back, did not tell her everything. I was embarassed. 

"I have your test results here on the screen" she said gravely. "You need to find yourself a good feedee, but more importantly you need to get yourself a excellent feeder, a woman that can make you gain."

"Let me ask you these questions and answer truthfully now!" she said, suddenly serious.

"How large do you want to get?" 

"Very large" I said a little shy.

"How large do you know you MUST grow?" she answered, realizing that I was very unexperienced in this.

"Extremely large." I answered.

"Can you show me on a picture?" she asked and showed me pictures of fat men and she scrolled to the right, going past immobile and pointed to the picture of the man that filled a kingsize bed and half the room. I got an erection from this, showing something so intimate and personal about me to a woman.

She continued on. 

"When thinking about being fattened, what do you like more? The taste of the food, the enjoyment of eating or the the pure fattening, getting as large as fast as possible?"

"Getting as large as fast as possible" I replied.

"Do you like stuffing and high pressure inside your belly?"

"Yes." I nodded.

"When your feeder will start you off with a fat pump, which do you feel is the better way to plug you in?"

I hesitated. This was super intimate and also embarassing. But it seemed to me that this could only work if I was honest and direct. They would match me up and the match up needed with somebody that liked, well, prefered the way I was gaining. Somebody that could instincively support me. 

"Anal" I said finally, in a low voice, realizing that this was the first time I had ever talked to another human being about this. Anal was so taboo, so dirty and a nono that I had a hard time to talk about it. But it had fascinated me as far back as I could think.

She had written down all the answers and was looking at the pad she had in her hand. She came closer to me and looked at me directly.

"Yes, you are in more need of a good feeder than a feedee! She might gain some, but then you will already be on the way grow quite large. And this is because you have a very special belly." 

She showed me the screen, which showed my own belly, but a cross section of it. She went on about a lot of technical terms that I did not understand. But it sounded like she knew exactly what she was talking about, like she studied the subject in depth.

"It all means that you have a very strong capacity to gain, you are going to become extremely large. You had this before, but the operation has just made it stronger. You need a woman that can handle you and has a very high weight limit or, better, none at all"

This gave me a total erection, having the revelation in front of a thin woman like her, a stranger. And being told what would happen to me. She smiled a warm smile "Well, that is why you are with us. You belong here, your life will change and become so amazing in a few days, trust me!"

"What you told me makes perfect sense. The scan we did of your belly, the way your colon and stomach are shaped and made, it shows that you have a very rare condition called intestiflare gigantopinguibus porcuforme gigantoventer. And luckily we have done extensive research and offer the only treatment for it available. I have notified the administrator of this facility and he will be talking to you personally. We are so happy that you have come to us, you will help us so much in our research as you develop and go through the stages of the condition"

There were a few more examinations, but I was absent minded the whole time. That term kept ringing in my head.

For some reason it was the most exciting thing I had ever heard. But it also sounded scary, like I did not know what I had.

"We will make sure you are matched up with a lady that can give you the special  support you need and we have some women that are borderline, which will respond nicely to some conditioning that we will give them. We can sedate them and hook them up to a special machine for the night and two treatments like this is enough for them to get the same classification and condition as you have now."

As though she felt that she needed to justify her answer, she said "we need more feedees that are like you, the benefits of it are just as huge as you will become."

They could do that, couldn't they? Just like that. We had all signed the contract that allowed the company to give us any kind of treatment that they saw fit, as long at it was assured to promote weight gain. Because that was the corner stone of the contract, I now remembered: Anything that made you gain was fair game, no matter what it was. 

The examination was finished, but a nagging question was on my mind. But it was so embarassing to ask her and I was afraid of what she might tell me. I considered to just leave, but then just stopped, right before I left the room.

She looked at me and then said "Is there something else I can do for you?"

"Yes," I said, my mouth getting dry. "what does all the medical term mean? The condition I got, do I have this....in my belly?"

She looked at me and then smiled disarmingly. "Oh....yes, it does.Honey, I'm sorry, I totally forgot to tell you,I thought you knew. How silly of me.It is latin and describes the special way that your belly and colon react to fat and pressure: You got a very easily growing colon that reacts very elastic to pressure and actually requires it.

Intestiflare gigantopinguibus porcuforme gigantoventer.

The porcuforme means literally "turn into pig", please don't get offended by that, but the special digestive system some human have got actually got quite a lot of similarities of that of a typical pig. Now that that alone would be enough for you to become quite enormous, but you additionally have gigantopinguibus, which means that your intestines are very fat potent, meaning that they absorb a lot more than then the average intestine. The growing of your intestines in both length and girth that will not stop in your lifetime, combines with being extremely fat fertile, that will give you what we call a gigantoventer, a super large belly.

She saw me gawping  and also having a super hard erection. "All this means that you will become a very very fat man and you will have a lot of pleasure growing like this. Also, due to how your colon is built, feeding you analy is a natural choice. Plugging you in and feeding you that way with a fat pump will make you fatten 5 times faster. "

She had noticed that I had gotten tense and ashamed. 

"That is not grotesque, don't worry, it is just normal and natural. Your feeder will know exactly what you need and exploit this weak spot you got for gaining and get hot at how fast you gain. We have pumps available for this and it will be very exciting for you to feel this the first time. Trust me, there are women that are looking for this as we speak, it is not easy to find. You have probably already dreamed about this, have you?"

I nodded.

"And you will LOVE to gain. " she said in a disarming way, "This puppy" and she patted my belly "once she pulls your belly plug, it will grow faster than anybody in the whole institute, I wonder how long you will be able to still walk" she said off hand, like she was talking about something as ordinary as blowing bubble gum.

I couldn't believe what I have heard in the last 30 minutes. Before I had just been an ordinary guy, signing a contract with a company to finally start gaining, to break my resistance to it and have somebody help me. And now I had learned in an examination by a doctor that I had an extremely fattening condition, that was probably the reason for the dreams I have had about fat pumps for years. And then they had given me this operation, which helped normal people to gain strongly. For most people it was like giving the large rubber ball of their fattening a strong nudge, starting it rolling down the hillside, the lower it got, the fatter they grew. In my case it was like pushing it dowh the hill, having a sports car accelerating it, as the sphere rolled lower.

There was a term that people used internally in the institute for what I was: an airbag.


3. Claudia

When the examination was over, Claudia called me to my appartment and wanted to know all the details. We met and she could not believe her ears. 

"She really said that? And is it confirmed? Do you have all the symptoms?" she exclaimed.

"I still can't believe it myself" I said. 

"That is so exciting! Gigantopingibus! That is the superfattening, the fastest and most extreme way of getting fatter. And they will experiment on you and try out different fatteners on you while this is happening!"

I felt something in my belly, i felt something move inside it, it made a loud groaning sound. I felt a hot foreboading, it felt similar, well, to what a woman must feel when she knows she is pregnant and starts growing. It seems I never knew my belly, not really, and I was learning fast. 

"And gigantoventer! OMG, do you know what that means? Have you ever seen pictures of record holders of heaviest man or woman? They got these bellies, huge pumped up sagging blimps, where you think they are nothing else anymore except a huge belly."

Our conversation turned to Claudia and she was all excited about what would soon happen. There was just 1 day to the big selection process that would happen where feeders would bond with their feedees, as well as mutual feeders. 

"I'm so glad I came here" she said. "I can't wait to meet my feeder, I'm sick and tired of only being 300 pounds, but I just can't manage to consistently grow on my own." 

It was interesting, she was a very strong woman that knew exactly what she wanted. She was often loud and outspoken, complained immediately when she did not like something and was bossy and bubbly to men. But as a feedee, she seemed to be very submissive. A receiver, literally wanting to absorb everything that she received. And as such, she could not wait to give herself into the care of a feeder and receive too much and make it pump her up and stretch her like a massive sack of fat. 

So for her the selection process that would happen tomorrow held a lot of life changing things. No longer would she be gaining accidentally. But even larger were the changes for me, I realized. And as the day went by, my small little fat belly got larger and larger by itself.  And with it, I felt a hunger grow in me that I had never known before. I didn't know if it was because of the operation, which has probably awakened age old fattening potential inside me, or if it was because of the anticipation what would happen tomorrow or that I was getting ready for living my real life, or all together. It was hot to feel my belly grow like this. And as my hunger grew, I noticed that I was longing for fatty stuff mostly. I suddenly got hot for  sausages, bacon, avocado, french fries, double cheese burgers, heavy cream and Mascarpone, which was an incredible 80% fat. And the lust for fatty foods grew more and more that day and with it my belly. I wondered if this was normal and was worried that the tube linking what had been implanted into my guts and the puller in my navel would get artifically separated. Similar to somebody pulling that cord on my navel and starting the process accidentally that only my feeder should be allowed to do. What would happen anyway? Nobody knew exactly. But it was known that no feedee or feeder could know before the selection event and people that talked about it had their short term memory erased. There were rumors of course and they seemed to be allowed: It was your feeders job to pull the cord, or as they said "pull the plug" and ripping out the tube that went deep into the belly activated the implant that the company had implanted in all of us.

It was a bonding event between feeder and feedee, the feedee belonging to the feeder that had pulled it. And having a symbiotic relationship, where the feeder made sure the feedee grew and fattened, feeding and pushing them to gain every day and the feedees task was to receive, eat as much as the feeder pushed it to and gain and become fatter.

And there was the rumor about the little diamond above pull cord, the visible extension that every feedee was carrying. As I sat in the restaurant, eating dinner, I could not fail to notice how every feedee had this visible. No matter how fat somebody was, if they were in a scooter or waddling around, their stretch mark ridden bellies were always visible, like offering somebody to pull it. And that was what would exactly happen, soon. I got aroused from this and my belly had grown even larger, Claudia had noticed it too. My belly was larger and more pumped up than it had ever been. Claudias belly had inflated likewise and it showed that she was a pretty fat woman of 300 pounds already. It was wonderful to be here with her. We used to be not so close, I used to feel that she was quite a different person than me, interested in other things. But now I realized that she had helped me so much, that she had made me realize that I was meant to be a feedee. And I was eager to see her fatten up massively and to show her what would happen to me. And in a way she was like a sister to me, we both had the same way, the same dream and both bellies that were highly pregnant with fat. We went way back: I had seen her struggle through diet after diet and still just gaining more. Then her coming out as being a feedee. She still struggled, but gained 50 pounds in one big push with a feeder. OMG, how that changed her, how it had suddenly transformed her into a fat porker.  And it was thanks to her, seeing her grow and starting to gain myself that I realized that I was both a feeder and feedee. 

And as the rumor went, this little diamond that we all carried in our navel was in reality a pill. When the feeder accepted and bonded with the feedee, he/she swallowed it. It was the first step of commitment, and he/she was now obligated to pull the plug, but could decide when. The pill activated a very powerful enzyme in the feeder, which was harmless to him/her, but had an enormous fattening effect on the feedee. The enzyme collected mostly in the genitals and caused a hard on with men and total dripping wetness with women. And at that point, a male feeder invited a female feedee to give him a blow job. The feedee could taste already what was in store for her and it was very exciting to suck the dick, smelling what was in store for her. Once the feeder ejaculated, she would greedily swallow the large load of cum and feel how it is boosting her fattening. And the same was true for male feedees: They could smell her dripping wet pussy and be magnetically attracted to licking and drinking it and vaginal fluid then carries a very powerful fattener inside the feedees belly and starts making him grow faster and faster. Often, it was a lot more fattening for men, as she got hornier and hornier at seeing him grow and fatten and he could lick her for hours and hours, without stopping. 

It was a thing that the feedee was waiting for, wishing for, but also dreading, as nobody knew exactly what would happen. Feedees that had been "pulled" were in another area than the "virgins". It was rumored that the cords or pull strings were similarily done than the ones that a life west had or a rafting boat, these instant inflate pull strings. But everybody agreed that it was probably a hot thing to watch, seeing the belly inflate like this. But what was clear that it meant a big change in life of the feedee, as there was strong gaining unleashed inside the belly and the feeder was from then on busy with keeping the feedee growing.

As I looked around and saw that other feedees belly had gotten more taunt too. Mark, a handsome guy, having had a pretty large round pumped up belly before now seemed like he was about to explode.

And the people in the wheelchairs, their bellies normally settled down with some much fat, were giving an exciting display. Normall, a person of such dimension had so much belly fat that their pumped up size (also called the balloon size) was not visible. And it was amazing to see how large their bellies truly were. 

I had eaten a lot, but my hunger for a lot of fat had just grown stronger still. I had to stop eating, because it was not satisfying me the least bit and I needed room for later on. I would go to the kitchen and find me some lard, yes, that was the right term for it. And I realized that I would need quite a lot of room in my belly for it, it was like an addiction and driving me. 

4. The Cast

Claudia had connected herself nicely to all the people there and knew almost everybody. It was interesting to hear her talk about them, get a feeling for them. There was Rob, the tall feeder that was really polite and talked with everybody but Claudia had noticed that he hung around the really super fat women in the wheel chairs. She had not found out what he was looking for, but was attracted to him and had gotten excited knowing that he had probably read her profile. As a feedee, she did not get to read the profile of the feeders, but the people of the Human Fattening League (HFL) matched up the feedees and the feeders, and the feeders would then chose. There was not much chance in the whole thing, as the profiles had been carefully matched and it was important for the maximal growth of the feedee that the feeder found exactly what he was looking for and what turned him/her on. And of course the same for the feedee: In the example case of Claudia, it was vital that she was chosen by a feeder that was straight out of her dreams. And often, it meant that the feedee cursed to have all her/his dreams fullfilled and gained at the exact same fast clip. Claudia did not even know that getting her hearts wish, of finding a feeder that force fed her, if necessary against her will would prove to be a pandoras box that she could not close anymore, with the same as her belly and circumfence never shrinked again and just kept growing, as her mobility would steadily keep shrinking. She did not realize full heartedly that tomorrow that dream, that fattening dream, so dangerous for a already so fat woman as her, would come true. And her clock would start ticking, till she would get too fat to walk. I on the other side didn't realize this neither, it was just too fantastic. And like Claudia, I did not really realize that my feeder with the help of HFL would fully enable my belly, give it priority and power over my life. Where I used to run my life to my wishes and preferences, my belly would take over and once that lazy but massive fattening pump that waited inside my gut started to lurch and pump rhythmically, the fat would take me over and eating, gaining, sex and putting on and becoming more and more pure fat would become the main priorities in my life. 

Claudia pointed to a thin woman at the other end of the room. Her name was Alice and she was a female feeder. She knew that Alice was looking for a male feedee that was already very fat, preferably in a wheel chair or too large to fit in one. I immediately noticed Rita, she was not that fat, maybe bordering on 300, she had a beautiful big fat belly, but her main feature was the two massive huge globes of fat that she carried in her blouse, breasts of the size you could only call cow udders anymore and that I had always been so attracted to. Her exposed belly showed the diamond and pull string: She was a feedee and stretch marks on her exposed belly showed that whoever would become her feeder would have a wonderful time breaking down her resistance and fattening her with the force and directness that her belly always wanted to. She was not attracted to fat men however, I could tell that I was already too fat for her and I felt it in my belly: I was still thin compared to what I would unfold into. She was looking for a thin feeder, according to Claudia she liked the contrast between feeder and feedee, she getting fatter and fatter, as he stayed thin and lean. She seemed a very sweet and warm woman.

As she was a feedee, Claudia was talking a lot about the feeders that she had met. She talked of Peter, another thin feeder, not really tall, but with powerful green brown eyes and lots of charisma. Claudia said that he had immediately complimented her on how beautifully fat she had already grown, to which Claudia had  answered that she was just getting started, that she dreamed about being fattened up, that this was the right place for her. She found out, that Peter was looking for somebody immobile or close to it. Another one of these! Were they serious? Who helped all the women and made them immobile? It did not just happen all by itself. She hoped that he was flexible on that and would chose a woman that was not quite there yet, but had lots of potential and was eager to grow.

There were a lot more people and Claudia kept talking, but I realized that I was on the spot much more than the feeders were. My belly was still getting larger and larger, my diamond and pull string was clearly visible. Sometimes I felt being checked out by a woman, looking at eachother carefully and seeing the whole body was encouraged, as the selection would happen soon. I was not as nervous when a woman without a pull string checked me out, but when I saw one that had one herself, I got nervous and felt destiny knocking and well, I felt it in my gut... pumping.

And then there was Ali, I noticed the woman immediately. She was blonde and extremely fat. She was in a wheel chair and her exposed belly had a pull string, but it felt crazy and insane to operate such a fat woman that had a belly that probably hung past her knees, if she could still walk, which she probably could barely. OMG, pulling that string, how would she start inflating? I fought for breath as I imagined it, but I wanted to see it, watch how her belly grew even more and fast. I imagined if she was my soul mate, my feeder and feedee, my mutual gainer and how her size always reminded me how large I would become, how large I NEEDED to become. I had moved close to her and was chatting with her, small talk, just to mingle and show that I was available as a feedee. And as a feeder, I wanted to get her, wanted to possess all that fat, have the privilege to pull her and watch her balloon up. I just stared at her belly and gave her a direct compliment, that she had the sexiest hottest gut of all the women. She took the compliment, blushed, but probably had heard it so many times before. Her massive pig gut rested on her thighs and spread them a little already, a hang of fat forcing her legs open. Her gut was so stretch mark ridden that I wondered how she had gotten this fat and I knew that she must have had an interesting story. As a feeder, I could look up all the profiles of other feedees, so I made a mental note to not forget that. I wondered if she was also a feeder and wondered how it would be to be fed by a woman as fat as her.

I did not have much time to talk to her, as the appartment that was assigned to me was ready. I first thought that it was a mistake: It was luxurious and huge, I walked through double doors that seemed to have been made for a crow of people, as an entrance to an auditorium. I felt the wide door way in a strange way. When I entered, I found everything equally large. When I checked out the bathroom, I was sure that this was a mixup and that this appartment was for somebody much fatter. But when the woman that showed me everything, I felt the same thing again as before walking through the door: When I was alone in the bathroom, I felt my belly, saw the massive wall mirror, probably 5 times as wide as a normal one and the toilet, a equally huge affair and the seat on it was adjustable. It allowed me to sit on it now, although the toilet was as wide and sturdy and made for a half a ton human being. And OMG, there were stops, you could adjust it, till it was the full size of the toilet. I felt the room sucking on my belly, how it seemed to pull me apart, how it wanted me to expand. The appartment was making me nervous, especially the three wheelchairs: one with normal size, one double as wide and the third one, I gasped: It was absolutely huge, super wide and was that a support between the legs designed to contain and prevent a massive hanging belly from hanging down to the floor? How did I know this instinctively? Unasked, the woman showed me how to operate the wheel chairs and how to charge them. I found it ridiculous and strange, I did not need a chair yet, wanted to point this out to her, but then for some reason did not. She explained the red buttons that were spread all around the rooms, that they will summon the 2 chefs and the staff of 5 that keep a kitchen open 24/7. When I asked how many they served, she said that they were just hired for this appartment and on constant stand by, that they had specially been hired, for reasons that the administrator would explain later on. I felt this thing again in my belly, there was this thing coming, a big change in my life, a thing that I would settle in nicely, although other people probably would have considered it sick or weird.

And in the mirror I had seen that my belly had grown again. Something in there was growing, my gut felt heavy and full, even though I was hungy and had not eaten that much. I felt impregnated, with fat. And I did not know this, because either I would have given up all resistance, right there, looked for a feeder right now and asked her to pull the cord, or I would have been so shocked that I ran away and tried to avoid the selection and becoming a receipient for my feeder the next day: Inside my operated gut the huge and stretched up segment of my small intestine that had come from that extremely fat woman was doing short work with my so far short and lean intestine: The "infection" spread, the morbid and perverse predisposition of this womans intestine to grow and enlarge uncontrollably was soon affecting my whole colon and stomach and a massive massive fattening machine grew in size and power inside me. When I was looking for something, I found something that would soon follow me to my dreams and something that I could not unlearn anymore, something that scared me, but would define me and actually was very useful and exciting, as my belly came apart with an amazing display of fat and I started my process to become a very very fat man: In a full size walk in closet, I found tubing hanging on the wall and a round red tank that looked like it was from a compressor. My hand went to my belly and I gasped as I felt the effect of what I saw before me. There were straps and cuffs to tie somebody down, there were measurement tapes and calipers to measure skin fat fold thickness. And then I saw the gag and mouth spreader and I felt it in my belly, what would happen tomorrow. It was incredible, impossible and... I took the mouth spreader in my hand and wondered in shock, but with a huge tell tale erection what I had gotten myself into. I moaned in sexual excitement at all this stuff and the overwhelming realisation, that I would not be able to escape anymore. I felt my belly and it was programmed to inflate like a balloon filled with fat and a growing part of me needed it to, wanted it to. I wanted to meet my feeder tomorrow and feel how that felt when that cord got pulled. And I knew it came with a price, that I would soon not be able to fit through normal sized doors. Or have a ride in a car, being able to carry my weight. 

5. Administrator

Soon I was sitting in the office of the facility administrator. I had been specially summoned and the administrator was very pleased to meet me. I seemed to have become kind of a celebrity, as word of my special condition spread around. As we shook hands, he watched my belly with delight.

"It's such a pleasure to meet you finally!" he bubbled. "Is the appartment to your satisfaction?"

"It is amazing and very luxurious." I replied.

"Well, that is good then, because it is the top of the line here. I just wanted you to have the maximum comfort and all the special care that you will need. We are very pleased to have you. The condition you have is rare and hard to find out there. It will help us so much in our research to combat world hunger, you have no idea how fortunate it is that you are here and our researchers will be able to observe your gaining process and can also run experiments on you!" 

He could see my face expression when I heard the word experiments. "Oh, don't worry, nothing that you have to be afraid of, on the contrary: The fat boosters, growth hormones and animal fattening medications that work as well on humans, as well as the antipsychotics that have strong fat gaining side effects will be so much fun for you, since they boost the natural tendency you have already. It might be a little scary and unusual at first, but putting on fat like this will be more sexual and pleasurable than anything you have ever felt before. And we will support you with anything you might need along the way, we have quite a few experts in human weight gain and they will be able to take care of you, while studying you, in ways that you cannot even imagine now."

I did not know what to say to that, but something inside me, in my belly, confirmed me that this was true and the feeling I got from this was urgency: It was imperative that I was fattened up as soon as possible, that I should not wait and that it was important that it would happen very soon.

"And when you lose the ability to walk and get more and more special needs as you keep growing to record holding dimensions that are so important for our research, I want you to remember what you are all doing this for" he said and showed me a picture of a rake thin black woman with a starving thin kid, probably in Ethyopia. "We will be able to stop death through starvation."

He showed another picture, of a thin woman that was also thin as a rake. "and for my beloved wife!" he said, his eyes misting over. She looked like she was starving. And indeed she was: "She had annorexia and starved herself till she died." he choked on the last sentence. "I want to do this also for all the men out there that have women with this insidious mental disease, that they have something that can stop it." he continued. "We need a pill or medication that changes the metabolism to automatically gain weight and put on fat. A pill like that could save a woman like this, she would just grow chubby and fat, no matter what she did. It would boost her hunger and eating fat would give her sexual pleasure and give her an incentive to keep gaining. This is where you come in, from your belly and example we will learn why certain people can't gain anything no matter what they eat, while others like you can eat a tinly little bit and balloon up with fat from it."

I grew a little scared of what they had in store for me, it felt strange to have this much energy and attention focused on me and my fattening. But I was also excited of what would happen soon enough.


6. Kitchen

It was after dinner and I was going to the kitchen. The lust for something fat drove me nuts. When I entered the kitchen, it was deserted. When I tried to find what I was looking for, I could actually follow my nose. It was incredible, but I could smell butter and bacon very strongly from the direction of a larder. And I realized that was far beyond of what a normal person would have been able to smell. I got half an erection from the smell and the fantasy of guzzling myself with fatty stuff. 

"Can I help you?" I heard a woman. The voice belonged to a young woman, probably not older than 19, middle height, black bushy long hair, wonderful blue eyes, very beautiful looks. She had an open smile and long thin hands. She was thin to a degree that she could have modelled and probably did. I felt immediately very attracted to her and felt the contrast, how fat I had become, how large my belly was compared to her lean frame. As I progressed as a feeder, the heavier and fatter my ideal women became and this was also because no matter at which weight I found them, I turned them expertly into gigantic fat hanging belly porkers. But as a feedee, I had noticed that there was something very exciting of having a thin woman fatten me, there was something about the contrast, how I got fatter and fatter and she stayed thin. And she being the cause that I got fatter and fatter. Was it that fat could not touch her and all of it instead flowed into me? That she did not want to stop modelling, did not want to lose her flat lean belly and needed to project the lust for fat into somebody else?

"You can't be in here, this is for staff only" she said, assuming that I had just gotten lost.

"I'm still hungry and I was looking for..... an apple" I said.

"I can bring you one, wait right here..." she said, then hesitated. She looked at my belly, saw my pull cord. "You are one of the feedees!" she exclaimed. "You are going to meet your feeder tomorrow. How exciting!" she bubbled. 

"I work in the lab, doing analysises. I met my boyfriend here two years ago. My, he must have been nore more than 300 pounds back then. I love the way he is still growing so fast. I was not supposed to do that, but I tried some stuff out on him, medication that worked well on test subjects, pretty safe. I did not tell him though...Well, " and she smiled appologetically, like it had been her little exciting secret, "after he became immobile last year, I have been pulling out the stops and I can' help but love how fast he is gaining through me and how unable he is to resist gaining."

I got a hard-on just from that, she was a feeder and I imagined her pulling my plug right then and there. She wanted what I needed and dreamed about, I got so attracted to her. She saw it and paused, seemed to remember something.  Then she exclaimed "Oh my God, it is you! I saw your saw your test results, well, I actually processed them. OMG, you are goin to meet your feeder tomorrow and she is going to be such a lucky lady watching you balloon up. Or better, make you.  Like my boyfriend, you probably need a lot of feeding and will become insatiable. "

She guided me towards the larder and opened the door. "I know what you need and that is definitely no apple!"

 To be continued, I will keep writing on this story these days and weeks so check in here and on twitter to see when there have been updates. 


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