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Fattening up Maria!

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Maria is a feedee that is still totally thin. She dreams about growing into a huge fat porker, there is this massively fat woman inside her trying to get out. We will watch her grow.

What a sexy name that is for somebody that is going to get really fat! It just fits, I knew I would fatten up a woman that was called Maria.

When I first talked with her, I was amazed how thin she still was. You know I love fattening up women that are already marked by fat, have large fat bellies and making medium sized beauties larger is sexy too, but there is something so incredibly sexy in making a thin woman balloon up and be there in all the stages till the target weight she needs to reach.

A thin that made me very hot in Marias case how fat she was destined to grow. From what I could gather, there was a 500 pound super porker waddle woman inside her trying to get out. What a wonderful thing!

I loved having a virgin, a woman that was not yet marked by fat, that I could let expand, even force her to grow and both of us getting so hot at how the fat was growing on her and how she was changing.

We talked on the phone and due to my heavy travel I ended up meeting her in person not soon after. She was stunning, really sexy and had a great fashion sense. And I knew she would keep that, but just be a very fat woman with a great fashion sense, wearing sexy clothing.

I was so excited to get her started and the first time we ate out she ate almost nothing. This was no surprise to me at all, this was pretty typical. The second and third time it got better and I noticed her eating more and more and I knew she got horny at showing me this intimate part of her. Maybe it helped that whispered hot stuff in her ear while I went to get more food for her. "Fatten up for me! I want to see you waddle like a fat porker!" and

"lets see how fast you fatten, porky!"


"I'm mixing cow fattening hormones into your food, that is totally safe for women, but amazingly fattening!"

She especially get hot at the last remark, was that really true? She noticed that her hunger had grown massively.

When I came home with her, she had a hard time walking. Her belly poked out immensely on her thin frame and when I undressed her, she looked totally pregnant, so large had her stomach become through the constant overfeeding. I kissed her gut, massaged it and told her that she was now fat pregnant, that she would soon start to fatten up and her thin belly would be a thing of the past. I found her sexy beautiful pussy and started massaging it, while I told her how fat I would make her and how it would be to become a really fat woman and she came soon after and started moaning louder and louder the second time. She seemed to have rediscovered her sexuality, she had never been this wet and horny before in her life, just telling her how it would all be, that I could not wait to ruin her thin attractive body and make her balloon up with fat made her drip more.

She could see how hard she made me, my very large and very thick cock stood at attention. And then after coming twice, I found her pussy dripping wet and so wide open, that she gasped and moaned very loud when I filled her there too, flipped her legs up and shoved my dick deep inside her, till she could feel my balls on her vaginal lips. It did not take long in this submissive position, her feeling this huge cock fill her out to the max till she came very intensive. And I knew that these orgasms, that always happened with lots and lots of fattening food inside her belly would contribute greatly to her fast weight gain.

The belly looked so huge on her thin frame, it looked like she was pregnant and she was indeed carrying my "baby": I was fattening her up, she was due to balloon up with the food I had fed her with, to balloon up with fat. We both could not wait.

1. Deep throat

The next time we went out eating, I noticed that she was hungrier and that a lot more fit inside her.  It was like her insides had expanded, like her stomach had lost some of its firmness and her belly got even larger than before. She could tell that she was driving me nuts and making me very horny with her eating. My dick looked huge in my pants, it hardly had space. Then, when we were home, I undressed her and also got naked, so she could see. And while watching her belly, seeing some stretch marks on it, the huge pumped up form and that she could hardly breathe, so full was it, she noticed how I got an instant hard amazing erection from watching her. And she got instantly horny and even more hungry,  she realized a very basic and fun fact:

As a feedee, getting fatter and being fattened up, it was the most important thing to show your feeder how you grew, and see him get horny at it. And I knew of course, that this was one of the most fattening things, to want to gain even more and drive your feeder nuts and horny with your growing belly.

A feedee couldn't stop growing and fattening if she knew that she was arousing her feeder with it.

The next time we went out to eat, she even ate more, I loved to watch her and drive her to eat even more.

When we came home, her belly was again huge and she saw how the sight of her belly made me horny, but this time I told Maria that I was not satisfied with the rate that she was gaining and that she needed to eat more. That I would reward her for gaining well, for fattening at a rapid clip, but that I had to take control over her sex in order to make her gain faster.  I massaged her pussy to make her come once, to drive her really horny.  She did not know what had happened with her pussy, the thin Maria had never been as aroused as this in her life, she was virtually dripping, panting and gasping and moaning louder than she had ever before as she came. I told her then that this was normal, that she had not yet discovered her true sexuality and as she got fatter, her belly appreciated and her belly gained in fatness, she would get a lot hotter even. Holding her pussy, showing her my large erect cock, I knew I had her attention and then slid a lockable chastity belt around her waist. She could go to the bath room with this, but she could not touch her pussy or clit, much less have sex.

"I will from now on control when you can have orgasms or touch yourself. This will drive you nuts and make you gain faster, as you will want to gain as fast as possible to get rewarded by me." I said to her, showing her the key.

You will get rewarded with me fucking you when you have gained 20 pounds, before that the best thing that will happen is me making you come with my hand or letting you stroke yourself. What you can and should do as a gaining feeder is satisfy your feeder as a thank you that I'm feeding you" I continued.

I showed her my hard long dick and took her face and guided her mouth to it. She automatically started giving me a blow job. She had a hard time fitting all of the dick in her mouth, which I knew of course. All women were like this, it was just too long.

"As you get fatter and your gullet is opening up, you will learn to swallow it, to give me deep throat."

She sucked my dick greedily and heard me moan. It was such an universal thank you from a feedee to her feeder, to satisfy him sexually, to feel his throbbing hot member in her mouth that she make grow so large by her growing fat

While she blew me, I pulled her head, always went a little deeper. It was hot for her that I seemed to fuck her gullet, that led down to her stomach, that I was filling her there, literally and that her submissive nature could not resist but absorb it all like a sponge.

While I got hotter and hotter, felt her tongue dance around the massive large head of my penis, I told her what I would do to her and felt how she got hotter and hotter.

"I like thin women to fatten them up, I often look at swimmsuit catalogs and love to imagine fattend these women up, seeing them losing their firm flat bellies and expanding with fat. I can't wait till that flat belly is gone, till your face grows wider and a double chin is growing, till your small elegant breasts pump up and turn into large hanging sacks of lard, while your hips widen with growing lard and your belly starts decadently sagging from all the fat that is pumped into it! Do you have any idea how fat many women get that I feed? How much I want to fatten you up?"

She was so hot, her pussy must have been glowing. I grabbed her pumped up gut and held it like only a feeder could, measuring, assessing and probing the bulge. She moaned while she blew me fast and strong.

Then I started coming, hard and powerful and told her to swallow, that I was putting the seed of a gigantic fat woman inside her, that each ejaculation would boost her weight gain. She did so greedily, swallowed readily and virtually drank my cock dry.

She stayed totally horny, was even hornier than before. I loved how large and pumped up her belly looked, how taut and she really looked pregnant. It was just that her bloated gut looked.

I knew what would happen soon enough and she would be in for a surprise.


2. Fat!

I napped a little and when I woke up, I could hear Maria panting, she helplessly tried to masturbate herself, but the chastity belt made that impossible. Her pussy was leaking out of the chastity belt and by her eyes I could see that she was highly aroused. I kissed her and felt how hot she was, she was trembling, she was so horny, she needed to be fucked. Her otherwise small and tight vagina was now probably glowing hot, wide open and s distended and longing that I could have slammed my huge cock full speed into it and she would have gasped from pleasure and come pretty fast. But I knew how this all worked, I knew that the fat was driving her. She did not tell me at that moment, but I knew from her eyes, the way she moved when I slapped her distended belly that she actually wanted to say "Feed me! Fatten me up, right now! I need to fatten, urgently!"

I took her out to eat, right there and then, sat her down in an all you can eat that was open 24/7. I brought her tons and tons of food and she wolfed it all down, burning a hole into the chair with her glowing pussy. The chastity belt made her even hotter as she knew she was in my care to be fattened up and that I would fuck her again, once she had seriously put on fat for me.  She could not wait, was so aroused and horny. But my strategy worked wonderfully: her failure to get sexual satisfaction made her want to be fattend up even more.

I fed her till she felt she was about to explode, her belly had grown even larger, god did the thin woman looked pumped up and bloated! I got a hard on just by seeing her gut and knowing what would come any day now. I had to support her when we walked out, her pants taut and at the limit. She would soon not be able to wear them anymore. When we came home, I exposed her gut and massaged it gently, her growing at the pressure. I slapped it gently from time to time, telling her what a decadent fatty she looked like and that she had eaten like a pig, which made us both so hot because we knew it was true.

She undid my pants automatically and sucked my large dick passionately, like it was an ice cream cone.

I knew she was so dripping wet and horny, from all the feeding and I could feel how hot she was by the way she sucked my cock, the way it went in deeper and deeper.  I moaned louder and louder and I showed her how hot she made me, how I wanted her to fatten. I told her how fat I would make her, that I was turned on by waddling porkers, that I knew she was this massive gigantic fat woman just waiting to liberate herself. I came very soon, her tongue darting around my large penis head and she swallowed obediently. We both knew that this was fattening her up even more.

She stayed horny and when I woke her up with food not long after, I could smell her powerful sexy scent, her pussy dripping to be taken. I set her down at the table and brought her tons of fattening foods. She started eating like there was no tomorrow, she knew that she needed to gain. That although her belly was totally super distended, she hadn’t put on any fat so far.

While she ate, I left and then hid under a cupboard, obscuring myself from view and went under the table. I saw her legs and the seemingly red hot glowing chastity belt. I could also see her distended belly, really huge for a thin woman like her and it was so hot, it showed part of the transformation that would soon happen. My hands went to her belly and I heard her gasp and moan as I started to gently massage her fat pregnant gut. I heard her eat faster and pant. Then I touched her thin legs, she had the legs of a model, there was no fat on them. I was so looking forward to ruining that, to see all that overeating turning them into into flabby fatty large wobblers. It felt so innocent, these thin legs, and I opened them wide, slid my hand up her inner thighs and touched the chastity belt and was amazed how hot it was.

I held her thighs with my large hands, right below her pussyand felt how she got even hotter at that. Every woman I had ever known had got horny at that. I removed the chastity belt with the only key that I had and rested my hand on her dripping pussy and heard her moan louder and more urgent at the anticipation. I wanted to fuck her badly, right there, right then and her pussy was so red hot and wide open. I was sure she wanted to get fucked more than anything in her life.

I removed my hand and told her “eat my fatty, eat like there is no tomorrow! Fatten yourself, fast!”

and with this she started to wolf it down really fast. She felt the pressure rise inside her stomach, but she was used to overeating a lot and her stomach gave way as she was pumping more and more food in it.

I opened her legs even wider and then slid my face between her legs and inhaled her beautiful hot feminine scent and then plunged my face into her pussy.

Maria moaned so loud, it was like a scream.I grabbed her large belly and loved how distended it was. She felt how I held her fat pregnant belly, with quasi my seed inside it, the thing we both anticipated so hotly would make her balloon up with fat. When my tongue went inside her pussy, licked it greedily, and danced expertly over her clit, she came with a very loud orgasm and filled the room with with breathless panting and helpless very loud pulsating moaning that were as intense as screams showed she needed the release. She has been dripping wet horny for days, the feeding had been nonstop foreplay. She relaxed a little, but I was still eating out her pussy and feeling his fat greedy hand on her belly, she came a second time. And when I told her “from now on, all your orgasms will be very fattening one, each time I give you permission to come, it will be with very fattening food inside you. It will come at a price, of you ballooning up with fat, my piggy!” And with that she came again, a third time and a fourth. Till she could not move anymore.

I loved the taste of her pussy and how she had these explosive orgasms and how the feeding had made her horny.

I carried her to the bed, at a weight where I could still do that before she became a very fat and heavy woman, kissed her pussy and inhaled her wonderful feminine scent and put the chastity belt on again, letting her rest from the ordeal.

She slept a long time, probably 15 hours straight, her belly was so chock full of food and fat that her digestion probably took away all her energy.


3. The big Goodbye

When she woke, I was really horny and wanted to fuck her really badly, after spending so much time licking her yesterday, smelling how amazing alluring she smelled as a woman to a man as masculine as me, how I felt it in my large very thick dick and my heavy balls. It was incredible, but I could smell that she was dripping wet and horny because we were so atuned to eachother, how we both desired eachother, but the chastity belt was between us.

And then I saw why she was so wet and why she was looking at me, horny and her eyes wide. I saw it in her face, I noticed it in her breasts and most notably, on her belly: she had fattened up!

The days and days of feeding and fattening her had come home to roost and I got an instant hard on and made sure she saw it: There is something amazing about a feeder making a feedee fatten up and getting horny at the sight of her growing!

Immediately, my hands were on her belly, touching it, making it jiggle, noticing how Maria started to have a little fat belly, and how her face had even shown it, it being fuller and a tiny little double chin growing there saying: I’m getting fatter!

It was so wonderful and beautiful and the reason why I LOVE to fatten up thin women, she was entering a new world, it was the first fat belly she had ever gotten. And I would make sure it kept growing and we both knew, with her disposition of growing and the fat woman that tried to get out of her, she would never ever be thin again.

It was such a magical moment and I wanted to sleep with her, have my large cock deep inside her and enjoy the first jiggles and wobbles, which would grow so much more powerful.

But as I patted the belly I told her “Come on my fatty! Time to fatten you up!”

and I drove her to that all you can eat and fed her, made sure she did not leave before she was all fattened up again, till her breathing was shallow and now that her fat was growing, the feeding and fattening had gotten a real twist and after having gotten fatter, it was hot for her to get fattened up even more, to step on the gas even more and fatten her up even more.

I brought her home and we were both so horny, it was totally incredible. I kissed her deep, my hard long dick pushing against the chastity belt, it wanted so much to get in there.

I grabbed her belly fat and could not believe how hot that looked, there was now a fat fold and her belly was covered by stretch marks. I knew that her belly would never be firm again, the strong fattening had overstretched her tissue and gotten rid of the firmness.

“OMG, you are getting fat!” I told her and I know that she needed to hear it.

I removed the chastity belt, her pussy was dripping wet and wide open, I laid her down on the bed, her so full that she was unable to move. And then I flipped up her legs, spead  them wide too and let my large cock dive into her vagina and hearing her moan so loud, I did 2 thrusts, while telling her how fat I would make her and how I wanted her to become a fat jiggling porker and then she came in a screaming orgasm.

I stayed inside her, not moving and after 5 minutes, resumed the fucking and enjoyed how her belly was jiggling for the very first time. It was time to say goodbye to Maria being thin!

To be continued...

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