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B677 was hungry. She was always hungry. And soon she would eat. The young woman was bordering on immobile, she knew that she was growing and that she might not be able to walk much longer. She knew that this was the decision point in her life.

That she either kept getting fatter or escaped now. Escape where to? She was not sure. It has not been long ago that she had found out that there was a world other than what she knew. That there were restaurants, houses, schools and couples, families and that not all of the world was circling around gaining weight and eating. She knew now that something was wrong with her, that it was not normal for a woman to constantly gain. She remembered gaining as long as she could think, since she had been in puberty, she had grown. Now, at 23, she had already reached a staggering size. She knew that she was already fatter than most women ever got in their lifes. And she knew also that it was not normal to not be able to stop eating and gaining. That it was not normal that she was eating that much everytime she sat down at the special table in her appartment and that a feeder, sometimes a man or a woman pushed her to eat, when she got full and that she had to eat till she was gasping and felt pumped up like a balloon and ready to pop. And that it was arousing her. And she knew also that other people had names, not a letter and number. And through the internet, getting past the protection wall that had been installed on her computer browser, she had found all that. And she had read an article from a feeders website that described her perfectly. She was a pig feedee! She was born and made to gain, to get larger and larger. She knew that soon should would not walk anymore, but keep gaining even faster, as she could not get away anymore from the tubes that would inflate her like a Zeppelin. And to part of her it made sense, it was a wonderful feeling. She got so horny at the thought of settling down, of getting too fat to get up anymore, to give in to the fat, what the fat was doing with her and getting very very very large, maybe become the fattest woman ever. And she had regular sex, after feeding a feeder often slept with her and made her have this amazing orgasms that made her scream of pleasure, feeling the pressure inside, hard to contain it anymore. But she longed for love, she knew that other women felt love. She wanted a man that she could call her own. And as it was so natural for her, the way she was built, she found a feeder on the net, one that had written these articles explaining what a pig feedee is and she knew that he knew what was happening to her. She told him everything that was happening in her life, the feeding sessions, the belly massages, the checkups where her belly, breasts and circumfence got measured. Where she felt like a piece of meat or better a blob of fat. And where she could tell that her captors had something in mind with her, or better with her body. He understood her, told her that he would lovingly feed her and be there with her when she could not fit through the door anymore and that he wanted her to become immobile. She fell in love with him, as he totally knew and accepted her. First she could not believe it, since she had seen all these different looking women on the web and was shocked how thin they were, she assumed that he liked that too, as he was not large himself. But then he confessed to her that he was attracted to large jiggling waddling porkers, that he loved huge hanging breasts of gigantic proportions, and dreamed of a woman that could not stop eating and had so many grotesque but beautiful attributes of a pig, made to gain and made to become fat. And he fell in love with her, saw her pictures and could not believe it. He wanted to visit her, live with her, spend every moment with her and help her gain. And she found him then, sneaked into the high security facility, that was in the lower levels of a fat loss clinic. It was insane, but they called it the fat factory, and it was doubly hot for him, as he had always dreamed about such a place. When he finally met her, they both cried of happyness and he could not believe how sexy and fat she was, he could not even reach around her, so large was she. First he hid, to not be exposed and when he was hiding in the closet in the corner, and they came for her treatment, his eyes went wide when he saw what they did with her: The opened a compartment in the wall of the living room of her apartment and pulled out complicated looking hoses. The hooked her up, the breasts went into rubber suckers, that plopped over her large breasts with a hot sucking noise, she got a rubber belt with cables on it and a probe inside her navel and then she started panting and gasping, she was excited and aroused at it when they opened up her large butt cheeks and one of the lab assistants plugged a thick hose that made into a metal nozzle inside her anus. her anus seemed to be really large, as the thing slid inside it no problem and soon he could see his love move and gasp, settle into a horny and aroused panting as her belly started to inflate, just like that. It looked like she had been trained on it, needed it, loved it. He wanted to have sex with her so badly at that moment and when they left afterwards, he lovingly entered her, and they had sex for the first time it felt like, with love and tenderness. He told her that she was a fat pig and that he would help her grow, force her to grow and it was all so wonderful. She knew that she needed to grow. That she was built to grow. And he told her during slow and deep thrusts that he could not wait to make her immobile. He falsified the records in the computer for a request for a feeder that lived with her, was her boyfriend, to facilitate her becoming immobile. And then he showed up, just like that, any nobody challenged it, as these things work well in large anonymous bureaucracies. They got closer and closer and he did not even mind anymore that she was always observed by viewers that had invisible cameras trained on her. And when he had sex with her, he did not care. He finally realized why he had been given such a very large penis. Some of his girlfriends had commented, amazed or most of the time shocked, that he was hung like a horse... And he had always been embaraced about it, but now knew why it was all ok and that he was meant to sleep with extremely fat women that had a lot of fat that needed such a long penis to still being able to enter them. They spent all the time together, went swimming and had long intimate talks. She knew nothing of the world out there, about fashion, learning, family and she became more and more ambivalent of what was happening to her. She knew that she would not get old in this complex, that they were doing something with her, that she was conditioned to gain and be a pig. And the idea and wish surfaced that she wanted to escape to the world out there, see a sunset, have a job, have babies, a family and travel and do all the things that other women did. She felt this conflict with her strong desire and habit to grow, she had been used to get larger and larger and get a lot of sexual pleasure out of it too. As they often ate together, and the food was specially fat driving, he had also gained some weight and had a little belly now. She liked that, and knew that she would feel more comfortable if he was larger. She did not want him to leave her here and had abandonment fears. She knew that fat men were not attractive to most women and realized that the fatter he got, the more she would have him for herself, forever. So she started giving him the pills that she usually got and noticed how he changed, how his appetite got larger, how he had a hard time getting sated and how he liked her holding his belly during sex and how excited he got when she touched his anus. They never talked about it, but she wondered what would happen if she hooked him up to the pump that she was so used to. She ate regularly with him and made sure that he always overate and then got rewarded with wonderful sex. He gained fast, the pills dosed for her large body pumped him up like a balloon. And the larger he got, the more the wish grew inside her to escape and lose weight... It was her big secret, something that she mentioned to nobody, not even to him. She was scared that if he knew about it, he would leave her, since she was not growing and he loved her pig nature of being unable to stop gaining and eating. She noticed how he started to have the same inability to stop eating and she teased him by pushing to eat and putting things in front of him that he had to eat, he was unable to stop himself. She watched his belly settle, get fat and large and hang. It was at this time that she befriended another man, about 20 years older, but very wise while doing an examination of her breasts. She mentioned that it was a drag to gain and that she wished that it would stop sometimes. It was a little rebelism surfacing and he took to it and they had a long talk. She confided in him what she had seen about the outside world, and he promised her that he would not betray him. They had sex and she enjoyed the secrecy, to have an affair, the first one in her life ever. He became her champion for this new crazy idea that she had. He got her pills that enabled her to keep her weight and as he promised, even lose weight. It was all so crazy and strange, but she took them anyway. And as she took the pills, that was exactly what happened, she stopped gaining for the first time in her life. And it was not too early, as she could only walk panting and breathless, jiggling and shaking her large hanging gut. She was settling down, she felt it. The first thing that happened was that she got monster stomach aches and lound groaning noises coming out of her huge belly. She had explosive diarrea that seemed to leave her belly slightly smaller every time. She saw that she shit huge segments of her colon, pieces that looked more of what a horse or whale carried inside their bellies. And she had a hard time getting rid of it as it made the toilet stuck. When she told her secret supporter in a anxious and scared voice, he calmed her down, that it was normal and no need to worry. But that she needed to worry about them finding out about her weight loss, and run tests on her to find out what was happening. She felt doomed and her dream already over before it started, but then he told her that there was a solution. That they really did not care that much as long as they got one body for sure. If the weight gain stayed constant, but if it was just her boyfriend gaining instead of her, they did not care. She could not believe her eyes and first totally dismissed it out of hand, that she could not do it, but then she realized that she was losing weight and that it was working. He gave her a special hose, thick, about 1 meter long and with two nozzles like the same one that one that she got used to. She had a funny feeling of what that was for and he patted her belly, "you know what to do!" She kinda did, but could not bring herself to do it. So her secret protector sat down with her and asked her: "Do you know what will happen with you as you keep gaining?" She shook her head. "Do you know why you are here? Do you know what happens with pigs in the real world?" She had read about that, but never connected the dots. It shocked her, she was speechless. She ran away and could not find a clear thought for days, was torn and could not believe where she was headed. And how part of her yearned to settle down and become immobile, to just be passive and let it all happen, to gain and balloon up as fast as possible, to stop resisting. But the other part rebelled, wanted out of here, wanted to see the world. She read her secret friends mail and the words hammered home like glowing iron into butter: "You have to start using the equalizer that I gave you, before they notice the discrepancy in weight in you! He is a feeder, he has fattned up so many women, now it is time that it comes back to him, all that fat, it is just the way the universe works! He has had your pills for so long, he will enjoy it!" She did not think when she met her boyfriend the next time, he just saw how his belly was still growing and opened her butt cheek to him and showed him the equalizer, that thick hose that she had received. And took it ready and eager into her anus as she shoved it there, and then she turned him around, and opened his butt cheek and plugged him in. It felt like he was ready for it. It slid in very easily. Immediately, the pillow ring inflated inside it, making it impossible to slide out of be pulled out by the person itself, due ot the location of the release lever on the nozzle. She took the pill without showing him and felt the churning inside her, the loud groaning that came out of her belly. She felt the pressure building inside her huge belly and she let it go, saw immediately how he got large eyes, felt the pressure rise inside him and she saw how his belly grew. And she pressed a little harder, could not help it and heard his belly groan as it pumped up like a balloon. "don't push too hard" her secret friend had warned her "you don't want to make him pop!" But the way his belly was growing, it looked soft, saggy and pliable. So she kissed him, rubbed his dick in one of her belly folds and purged for an hour, at which point his belly was fully inflated, huge and he was moaning and grunting like a pig. She had done that too sometimes, but not for a while and now she was happy that it was going out of her and into him. After the churning and torrent subsided inside her, she stayed with him for a long time, massaging his belly, kissing him, telling him that this was from her, that she wanted him to have this. And she could watch him fatten, it was masssive how fast his gut put on fat, how it was settling down with hanging fat and how the size increased. His double chin was growing, fat started to hang on his sides, which she loved to play with. And she lost weight, as he ballooned up. He was often tired and horny at the same time, she could see that these pills activated the total pig instinct in him. She lost it more and more, still liked to feel the pump inflate her gut from time to time, but afterwards often had the reaction that it explosively came out again, at which time she hooked him up, even if he was in the bed, sleeping, fattening and let the pressure, the cramps she felt in her gut inflate his. When he started to be fatter than her, she noticed that she was pushing him over the point of no return, which was the point when he craved to grow, where he could not resist it anymore. Where he wanted to fatten... And she did not know what to do, she loved him. But she also wanted to get out of there and was sick and tired of always have to receive, of being a vessel, a sack that got pumped up, that she had to absorb and drink and expand, feel the pressure inside her push her appart. Now she enjoyed making him grow and watching how he came apart, how the pills and the pig that was ever growing inside him allowed him to take more and more pressure and get saggier and more yielding every day. And he enjoyed it so much. It seemed that her body had developed some resistance to the pills, but his had never been exposed to them and so it changed his whole digestive tract: His stomach got huge and turned into a 3 gallon digestive machine, pumping fat down into his colon, which also grew into huge dimension and fattened him up faster and faster. His belly hung more and more, only rising up when it was inflated. She justified her pushing him to gain with that she loved him and wanted him to feel pleasure, but in reality it was all that being pushed to gain herself, and never being asked if she wanted to. And she loved how he grunted and behaved like a pig, how he asked for more, even though noises came out of his belly that sounded like there was too much pressure pushing it apart from inside. She also hooked him up to the pump and let it run, while she massaged his belly, feeling it fill and inflate, while he moaned and got hornier and hornier, felt the pig inside him take over. It helped that she knew how good that felt, to feel the pressure rise inside. He got fatter and fatter, the meetings with her, the purging and her getting thinner enlarged his belly to a huge degree and he got lazier and saggier. And soon the examinations and checks were done on him: Measuring his belly flab, how thick the layer was, how large his breasts had become, the double chin, how far he was around. And she knew that he was also growing her for, eating everything she fed him and trying to please his love with his growing bulk of fat. And soon she started to be merely fat, have a large belly. While he was starting to have difficulties walking and was getting lazier and lazier, settling down with the fat, being more lard than anything else and feeling how it changed him. They loved eachother very much and he loved to gain for her, to take away the fat from her, feel her strong contractions and how her always strenghtening intestinal muscles raised the pressure inside his own digestive tract come apart and widen and stretch. She then confessed that she wanted to get out and he said that he already knew. And at this point he was close to become immobile and she could already almost fit through the outer doorways that were built so that no fat person could fit through them. They both knew that he was a total pig, he now got orgasms just from being overfed and having the fear of his stomach bursting from too much pressure. He filled half the bed, was huge and full of saggy fat. She often woke him up in the middle of the night, had plugged him in and was then watching how he woke up, horny and hot, his belly inflating, the fat sagging mass gaining firmness and it inflated. Then they both knew that she could leave, and he told her “now you have to finish it, you have to make me immobile, so they know that they get me instead of you and process me and forfeit mein will to resist gaining.” And so she did, she knew that she wanted him to gain and also for him to stay there, to not be able to escape. And in a way she wanted to push him to be a slave to fat, the fear and transference of never ever wanting to become that fat again. And as she forced and pushed him to eat and gain, it felt like she was pushing it away from her, making sure it could never touch her again. And then, finally he could not get up anymore, and it was a hot moment for both, he ejaculated, both out of fear and hornyness. And it did not take long and they came and moved the bed, and they both knew that they would bring him now down to the lower levels, where the really strong force feeding happened and where a person could fill half a room. The last time she saw him, when she visited him down there she was satisfied, he had gained another 200 pounds and filled a whole bed with his fat, he looked like a total pig, made and born to gain and she wondered how long it would take, how long he still had, and how fat he would become ultimately. And that they got him now, how he had absorbed her destiny, that he could not leave anymore. And in the middle of the night, when she was alone with him, while he was still sleeping, she hooked him up to the machine, let the device automatically find the way into his stomach, the hose sliding inside his mouth, deeper and deeper. She skipped the warm up mode of the pump and just started it, rejecting the proposed stomach size for the pressure and added 25% to it. She knew that the machine could find the new size that it could safely stretch the stomach to and a red light flashed, telling her that this was not recommended, that there was danger of abnormal enlargement and catastrophic digestive system explosion, pointing out that 20% overstretch could be handled by an easy stretchable stomach. The pump pumped harder than usual and he woke up immediately, as his stomach got inflated like a balloon and soon started to push. She loved to have the power to make somebody fat and gain and that he was now at the mercy of the machine. She knew that there was still time to abort, as he started moaning and she took the red abort button and tore it off, threw it down and jumped on it so that it broke into a thousand pieces. Now he would have to cope, like she had. She knew that this had nothing to do with him, but it had happened to her too, and he had to fatten like this now, somebody had to and it felt good that it was him. It made it feel to her that it could not happen to her anymore, and that she was keeping it away like this. He moaned as it pumped hard inside him. She came real close to his ear “the pump is going to make your stomach 25% bigger this time, a lot larger for a stretch than ever, you better focus on the extra pressure, that your insides can grow to hold it, otherwise today you won’t just have fear of bursting!” she said with a smirk and enjoyed it. She heard his stomach stretch, the noise it made as the machine pumped and pushed him, and she could hear that he had the scarriest and wildest feelings of going to pop like a balloon. She felt good that she had finally done this to somebody else, that he would never leave this place, not after this. And she hoped that he was a real pig, that his stomach could hold the pressure, and would stretch again a quarter again as large, because otherwise... She exited, left him there, wondered if his belly could hold it and in case he could, he would be gone anyway, not last that much longer, as they would increase the pressure for the next pumps and he would fatten even more astronomically fast. And she was grateful and so was he, since he had liberated her. And willingly, so to say, took the tube that pumped fat into her and sucked greedily, so it would fatten him instead. True love!


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