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Forced Featured

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Extreme feeding taken to the extreme, she knew that she was made to be fattened up. But what happened to her was wilder and hotter than she could have ever imagined.

This story is fiction,  but I know that it speaks out of the soul of many feeders and feedees. I tried to keep it short and potent, focusing on the essence of extreme feeding.

Rubens Feeder, 19. August 2010

Tanya had come home after the week. What a week! It had been the most unsettling week of her life, she had been fattened for days on end for the first time in her life. It was all insane, but so natural still. It was what she had always dreamed of.
She realized that she did not wear a bra. The ones that she had did not fit her huge udder anymore. And her pants? She had to wear an stretch one to being able to fit her belly in.
Who was this guy that had fed her? She couldn't believe it, he was so different than all the perceptions and expectations she had had about what a feeder was like. She had expected... well, she had not had concrete expectations, she realized. But one thing that she was amazed by was how nice he was and how little he had forced her or pushed her at all. Somehow she had all done it for him, no force was required. She had done incredible stuff, strange stuff, that she would have never imagined to like to be doing.
For example presenting him her wrists to be tied up. Telling him that she was ready to be fattened, and needed it badly. And she did need it.


She arrived home and could not wait to free her belly from all the clothing and watch herself in front of the mirror. Gosh, had she gotten fat!

She gained easy, with extreme speed, it shot through her head as she grabbed her belly flab and let it jiggle, like he had done, seeing his greedy eyes on her fat gut.

She remembered how he had gotten off, getting horny exclaiming "wow, you DO get fat fast! You know,... I LOVE THAT!! You are my kind of feedee!"
and it had turned her on too.
He seemed to know things about her, secret things that she had never told anybody. And even things that she did not know she wanted.
The insults "my porker", "fat piggy" or "tub of lard" seemed more and more appealing to her.
She was getting too fat and too fast, it shot through her head. She had to stop, right now.
When she was in the kitchen, she stood at the fridge and felt like in trance. There were bottles in there, she noticed. Bottles from him.
There were little post-it on them.
"Drink this, you must be hungry for fat!" one said. And another "I want my eyes popping out of my head when I see you next time!" and "do you feel your resistance weakening? Give in to the fat!"
Her mind was full of conflicting emotions.
She started to rub herself, her pussy betraying her and showing her bodies true motives. She knew as she picked up one of the bottles that she had to keep on going. That is was very important that she had to get fatter, as fast as she could.

What had he done with her, she asked herself as she was opening the bottle and started to drink, aware of this huge belly and the jiggling fat that had not been there 2 weeks ago.
She drank obediently, realizing that this was wickedly fat stuff in there.


She continued on with the next bottle as the phone rang. She picked it up, and getting nervous at hearing the voice of her feeder.

"You must be stuffing yourself" he whispered. She had a hard time articulating herself, she was shaking. Being in the feeding trance was so hot. and she was hanging on every word of him.
"My porky must be very hungry right now, let me fetch some food and come over to your place!"
Ohh, he was coming over! She felt her belly jiggle, touched her dripping wet pussy and moaned. Her lard ridden belly seemed to seduce her to get fatter, she felt her resistance weakening. He would do this incredible stuff again to her.
She remembered his words the week earlier, while feeding her:
"It's not accident that you were 230 lbs (104 kg) when we met, you always have waited to become a very fat woman."
That was when she was 280 lbs (127 kg). The fatter she got, the more she felt the lust for fat. It felt like it was conquering her and making her more and more horny.
She heard the door bell and welcomed him with open arms.
"Oh, wow, you put on the last feeding we had!" he exclaimed while he grabbed one of her fat flabs that was growing on her sides and let it jiggle.
"Show me your belly!" he said and she did, felt hot at showing her feeder how she had grown. He lifted up her shirt and touched her belly fat and realized how fast she was gaining. Damn!
He got a hard on from that, and she immediately felt it on her leg. She knew this of course, she felt her pussy itch with anticipation. She remembered only too well how long and hot he had fucked her the week before. Every time she had gotten aroused and wet from feeding, he had rewarded her with this huge pole. She had never slept with a man that was as large as he was, he filled her completely, in the very double sense of the word, and she got a kick out of him pushing in deep, till she could feel him touching her roof. She opened his pants and greeted the thing that had given her so many orgasms already and held the large thing in her hands, looking up teasingly at him. She knew how to give head, oh yes she did and she enjoyed how it got even a little large and harder when she teasingly licked it all around a little. She loved to suck this dick, especially because it was so large and animalic. 7.5 inches and sooo thick, and below there, these two large balls. They just spoke to her, teased her with male virility. She started to suck it and he moaned. She had found out in that week how to get him hot, so she held and massaged his balls. She looked up at him, teasing, while she sucked on it. She loved to look of the whole thing. It looked like it was done for fucking pussies, like the owner would have to seek out women and let them benefit from it,  especially ones with large vaginae, like the one she had. And it was not just large, she had also felt that thing inside her for hours and hours, fucking her brains out. He had told her that he had learned a great deal from many older women that were sexually totally developed and horny all the time, multi orgasmic and hard to not learn to become a master with these demanding customers.

Soon he interrupted her and popped a slice of pizza in her mouth and she started munching away. He unloaded the large bag of food that he had brought, he had to still do a trip to the car to get more and guided her to the table, where he sat her down and told her "show me!"
It was very intimate, very private to let him in on the personal stuffing sessions that she had always done, without knowing why......

It had taken her a long time showing him her true feedee side. She had always been scared of showing to a man the way she loved to overeat, the way she got hot when she had really really overdone it. She had felt every time like it was crazy, abnormal, especially because she got into this feeding trance, was amazed at her own capacity. "I'm still not full???"
How crazy was that, a woman that stuffed herself like a pig and got wet doing it. Well, she had realized, by example that he really LOVED it, that it was exactly what he was looking for in a feedee and woman. And then it was so hot to show him, to just let herself go, and eat and don't stop till she felt ready to pop.

And when she had seen that her massive overeating gave him a hard on, there was no arguing with it.
In the last week he had fed her much beyond anything she had ever done herself, but he still loved to watch her.
It was like watching herself masturbate. Except...better!
She started to pack it in, having this feeling in her stomach of too much fat. It felt funny, strange, but she had started to like it, especially as it was super fattening. She gained easy, was "fat fertile" as he had called it.
She would have gotten fatter slowly and steadily, even if she had kept a diet. Eat freely would had brought her soon to the goal she knew she had programmed inside her: to become a very fat woman.
But being fed and fattened up, that made her virtually explode. And giving her these high fat shakes was outright perverse. She felt it and it also made her hot, as it did him. The stretch marks on her belly and breasts, the cellulite that developed as her tissue could not cope with the wildly growing fat showed them both that she was made to be fattened up.
She was a little afraid, but knew, that it was pretty much pointless to resist. He knew too much of what turned her on, how he had opened her up for pleasure and lust. And how hot she got at the own jiggling gut, the incredible realization "I am getting sooo fat! and fast!" when she looked at herself in the mirror and had to start rubbing herself.
The increasing bulk of her body and the fat made her feel better, more powerful and hornier.
And then, even if she would have been able to resist that, then there was still this cock.
She loved sucking it, seeing the large balls below and playing with them, and then getting fucked like she had not know that you can get fucked. He lasted hours and did not let himself come before he had really fucked her brains out and she was panting after the 5th or so orgasm. The first one she usually had just from him entering her, the built up horniness from getting fed and  the anticipation of the incredible hot way he fucked her with this monster thick penis.

She ate and ate and ate, seeing him watching her and getting hot at it. She wore her jeans, that had been getting tighter and tighter and seemed ready to pop.
He had brought her several of her favorite pizzas and she did not want them to get cold and yucky, so she wolfed down.
He nibbled on her ear and told her stuff, that made her totally hot:
"I want you to become a jiggling sagging fat prone porker! I want you to have difficulty walking! To be my fat sow, programmed to gain as fast as possible!"
She moaned as she wolfed down the 4 pizzas and washed it down with a quart of avocado peanut butter shake that was her favorite. Next was pasta, then some burgers, all triple stack. She realized that this was too much food for her, that should would not be able to finish all this.
He grabbed her belly fat and massaged it with his large hands, while telling her that it should hang down more, that he totally digged hanging bellies. Porker bellies!

And it drove her crazy that he did, because she was dreaming of becoming so fat as she stuffed herself. She had done this before many times, but doing it with him felt strange, but so very natural.

He watched her eat and carefully watched her belly, how it got rounder and rounder. She felt like her pants would explode any second now.
The fat was hanging over them and he knew that they were done for.
She started on the pasta, spaghetti first and then a huge load of linguine, dripping in olive oil.

She wolfed everything down, couldn't believe that all fit inside her.

"Come my dear!" he said and opened her pants with a motion and her belly jerked outside, settled a little and looked like it had never been inside the pants.
"My goal is, that these pants will never ever fit you again!" he said and waves of horniness came over her.
She kept on eating and her large fat belly had almost lost all its folds, due to being so inflated.

She was pretty fat already, 286 lbs (130 kg) and feeding her was crazy it occurred to her.
But it felt so natural for her, her belly becoming more and more taut, her belly fat stretching and the wonderful feeling of blissful stuffedness.
The belly of the fat woman also looked like it was really made to be filled that much and that it was not done growing yet.
He saw that she did not eat more, that she held her belly and was totally occupied with the feelings of her full gut.
He picked up the spoon and tried to feed her some more, but she did not take it.
"Then you leave me no choice!" he said, a little annoyed.
He grabbed one of her wrists and looked at her sternly. She felt her knees getting weak, his face expression changed into a “I told you so look”, like somebody having to punish and not liking it. She knew she was a naughty girl and she did not fight much, she knew she deserved this, when he brought her arm around and met her wrists behind her back, gently, but with resting strength, that could wake up anytime she would resist.
He put the cuffs on, they were made of hard rubber, yielding just enough to absorb any attempt of freeing herself with the power of elasticity.

She felt a foreboding come over her, she had been here before. In the beginning she had fought it and it had been so hot to resist and know that in the end, it would be for nothing and that she wanted it too. She knew what would come next and it made her super horny.
He helped her out the the jeans, installed the leg opener, a device that kept her legs wide apart, her unable to close them and her pussy wide open and available to him. He made some gentle strokes over her outer lips and she gasped in lust.
Then he put the mouth gag inside her ready mouth. She did not resist, she was totally in trance, the foreboding of upcoming events totally paralyzing her in disbelieve and lust. A low moaning escaped her throat.
She had gotten to know this gag, basically a rubber wedge that kept her jaw open and a large rubber tube that made a large hole inside her mouth that seemed to go directly down her gullet. (Note from Rubens_Feeder: I actually got that here ready for you to try it, my dear feedee!) It looked so perverse, he had shown her in a mirror a few times and she felt so open, so vulnerable with this. To be fattened, to be stuffed, to be overfed. Like a feeding pig!

He kissed her, met her eager tongue through the rubber and felt her nervousness.
"Don't worry, we will start in a second! You don't have to be afraid, I will fatten you up till you cannot walk anymore, promise!"
Lust washed over her, she gasped, felt her belly, the fat that had grown all around her.
It was so hot, so perverse, so horny!

He started to pour some liquid from a large bottle inside the rubber tube and she had to swallow it.
She knew what he would do if she did not. It tasted like pure fattener, incredible fat pushing.
He funneled it inside her gag and she drank like in trance. She had thought before, that her belly was full, her stomach at the limit. But now, as she was helpless, could not do anything but drink, it felt like her belly had adapted to it and gotten softer, and more yielding.
She was totally amazed how much fit into her, he massaged her belly from time to time, also paying attention to her pussy, rubbing her clit and putting a finger deep inside her vagina, to which she gasped and moaned. He never let her have enough of it, and she yearned to be fucked, felt her pussy stand wide open and leak wetness in waterfall like fashion.

Mousse au Chocolat

Then he opened one of the many 1 gallon tubs of mousse au chocolat, which he knew she could not get enough from. First he took a large spoon and started feeding her, then later he just tipped the whole thing and let her drink it. He listened to the lovely slurps of her swallows, pumping the chocolate fattener inside her bulging stomach.
He felt her belly how it settled down on her lap as it got larger and larger. There was no hotter thing than to feed a really fat woman that was destined to grow very very fat and see her belly grow from round, to large, to absolutely humongous.

She could not think anymore, she was in a feeding trance, she was being fattened up like a pig. She did not know anymore what time it was, how long he had been feeding her like this. But then she realized that this was later, that she was already very fat ridden, 145 kg (320 lbs)

What had happened? He had forced her, had pushed her and how...she remembered how full she had been, ready to explode, scared at the pressure inside her, but he had just fed her, more and more and she could not stop eating. It was like he had some kind of mind control over her. She had said that she could not go on many times, yet when he insisted and put the spoon to her mouth, she could not refuse, felt her tongue move automatically and swallow.

His hand had alternated between her totally fat and inflated belly and her dripping pussy. And wow, that was the reason why she had grown so large, why she was gaining at a incredible clip.
He just seemed to know what she wanted and needed, more than...more than she knew herself.
He called her names while he fed her, my pig, my porker, my tub of lard, she had been scared, realizing that she couldn't stop eating, that she would eat and continue till she exploded. The thought had made her scared and hot at the same time and he seemed to know this. And she trusted him, totally, to fatten her up properly. She felt deep inside her that it all made sense, that she was destined to grow very very fat and that he was the answer of her many silent prayers, that he was so to speak, her farmer and she his pig. He was trained and knew what he had to do. She still felt a little resistance...

But this had been some fat folds ago, now it was all different. Now she just took it and was amazed how her belly grew, how it expanded to suit the overfeeding, how there was always more room. She knew somewhere deep inside her that her wet pussy was her body betraying her, that it showed that feeding and getting fatter and fatter made her hot, feeling the pressure, overeating grotesquely and by him massaging her pussy, her fattening was a sealed deal, she could not resist. Part of her (and a growing part) was a pig that needed to get fattened and she loved the sight of herself in the mirror. She now got hot just by looking at all her fat. The way her breasts had transformed into large hanging udders, moving lazily with every step she took, how her belly started to hang, how much fat she carried on it, how she jiggled with every step and the folds on her sides, the double chin, all saying "porky", "tub of lard", "it shows that you are being fattened up, you are a mast pig!" and it made her all so hot and wet. Soon her hand was past her belly and made her large hanging sack of lard jiggle as she rubbed herself, yearning for his dick, the nicely large so thick thing that banged her so well, she longed for her feeder. Just knowing that he was responsible for all this fat made her so hot for him. It was totally normal and good to be fucked by your feeder as a feedee, you needed it, it was a logical consequence.

Now she was sitting there and eating. He had fed her all day long, sometimes letting her eat, watching her, sometimes taking charge. Her large sagging gut had filled out to its maximum size, pumping up like a deflated fat ridden balloon and being lifted in the process. It was the only time. Otherwise, it was still sagging lower and lower, fatter and fatter. Now it had almost reached her knees, she had an amazing hanging gut and needless to say he loved hanging bellies.

And yet, he still had not enough. He told her that she had so much potential still. That he wanted to see her waddle, get slower and weighted down by all that fat. He had told her about another feedee of his, her having difficulties getting around, jiggling like a huge blob of fat and panting as she did and it made her hot too, imagining that he wanted her to get there. Force her to get there!

She did not remember anymore how she had gotten on the bed, just a vague feeling of eating so much that she could hardly breathe anymore and how it made her so horny and wet.
Then she was on the bed, on her back and feeling his large dick ram into her wet dripping wide open cunt, she came after the second trust, the gigantic foreplay earthing itself in a blasting moaning orgasm.

She couldn't believe what he was doing to her, he was like a magician, knowing what turned her on more than she did, she felt that he was leading her, knew exactly where and how, what was hidden to her.
He said that he had done this before and what was so incredible that he just seemed to know what turned her on and what she needed, feeding wise and the sex.

This time he had brought her a bottle of fattener that she was supposed to drink while being done and she obeyed him, she could not resist.
Her belly was such a pumped up balloon, it looked incredible. It was the rare sight of a very fat woman growing as fast as she could. Often, women at this size tried to lose weight, not have trials of filling their bellies to their full capacities and enlarging them through overeating. It showed that she got fattened up on purpose, it was unmistakable: such a huge belly, inflated to a huge taut ball, the fat outside getting stretched at this huge distended digestive tract inside.
And then she screamed, as her belly button popped inside out, as that brought her to a very unique orgasm. He had managed it once before with her, but this time she had anticipated it and she orgasmed much harder. It was the ultimate feeding: come through mere over-feeding.
She moaned and panted, feeling so pushed into lust and pleasure, could hardly fit so much sex inside her head and twisted and turned, her belly feeling like she was about to pop.

Stuff stuff stuff

She lay there, sleeping after having that blast and when she woke up, he had his hands all over her, his cock standing in one damn beautiful erection. She recognized the way he touched her: he was exploring the new fat she had just put on.
She moved a little and wow, she felt more jiggle, felt like she had gotten softer, slower, more fat bound, more morbidly obese.
Her breasts had gotten larger and lower, her navel was still a little further down, more stretch marks, a wider face and more flab hanging from her upper arms.
She just felt her pussy flood again at these sensations.
He attached something on her neck and suddenly tugged at it and she almost fell over when she realized what it was.
She wore a collar and he had attached a leash and was pulling at it, urging her to follow. She tried to get up, but he was pulling on it, so she had to stay on all fours and just trotted after him. Lots of crazy thoughts flooded her mind. She had been scared last time, well, it had been crazy. But now she knew, she knew how it was. She had waited for it, longed for it, so hard. She felt her hanging belly jiggle as she followed him and got sooo hot and horny at the thought what would follow. He had let her wait intentionally, creating more anticipation and yearning.

Then, when she was in the spot that he had prepared, he started to spread her legs a little, securing each ankle with straps to the floor, while planting a fleeting kiss on her private parts and making her feel that he would lick her deep and hard, but then not doing it. Then he secured her wrists, her anticipation grew. She let out a tortured moan.
She was so nervous and horny, knowing what would come next.
He kissed her lovingly, taking his time and then inserted the rubber ring inside her mouth, keeping it open and secured it with straps.
A thick hose that was about 10 inches (25 cm) long  fit snugly inside the hole, and he brought the large bowl, which looked very much like a pig trough. He played with her pussy, very gently, teasing her, as she moaned, feeling the tension mount.

She was shaking, her dripping big cunt opening up to what she knew was coming.
He had his totally stone hard cock at the ready and she felt the tip just slip in between her vaginal lips. She knew what he expected, but she had to make him say it.
"Eat, drink! Suck it down, now!" he said.
She did and she immediately realized that this was strong stuff, extremely high fattening content and very dangerous for a fat cow like her. It made her stomach turn when it hit it, but she kept on drinking it, sucking it up the tube like there was no tomorrow.
What was he doing?
He was just watching her, so she sucked harder, and swallowed faster, worked harder for him and then, then he started fucking her, pushed inside her with a strong trust and started banging her. It was the right word, as he hit her ass with a slap as he pushed hard and deep with every trust.
It made her huge ass jiggle so hard.
She and every other feedee that liked to be force-fed and stuffed so extreme like a pig loved this position, as she could feel like a true porker, munching away on the pig trough.
The sight was something to behold: this truly fat woman, her sides riddled with fat folds, it hanging down and meeting in kind of a fat puddle on the floor, her breasts grown so large though the fattening that they were huge, hanging and moving back and forth with every push and filled a cup-size for which the word udder was better suited for them, stuffing herself and sucking down pure fattener.
And getting so hot at it!

"Come on! Drink Drink, Drink! stuff stuff STUFF STUFF!!!" he shouted, grabbing her wide ass and putting some more push into it.

"I am going to get you so fat that you can't fit through the door, you fat sagging tub of lard!" while she sucked deep and hard on the fattening slop and felt his member impale her with force and push. It made her feel like a tub of lard, to be so fat and to desperately fighting to drink even more.
He slapped her ass, penetrated especially deep and she felt like a pig, a true object made to be fattened, with her hanging fat folds, her large hanging udders and the belly, that was growing closer to touching the floor every time. She wanted it to touch down. And push her fat apart there.
"The moment you stop sucking it down, I will stop fucking you!" he threatened.
And she knew he would, as he had done before.
She felt the slight pressure turn into a distinct load in her  belly to getting really really full. But she wanted to come still, and for this she had to keep drinking and drinking and drinking.

She started to moan and knew that he was as hot as her. He loved pig feedees, that was why he had tied her down.
She was not compatible with that many men, even the feeders she knew. Most would balk at the suggestion that she would like to gain, but even the ones that did want her to get fatter found it crazy that she wanted to be treated as a pig and tied down and fattened in this manner. Hell, it was crazy, but with him it felt so natural and good. She knew what she was, her belly professed to that.

"You fat cow, you porker, I will feed you that you will get immobile, that your belly is going to lift you up right here and you won't be able to reach the floor anymore."

Now she had reached the point that was so hot for her: She had over eaten to such a degree that she felt like she would explode if she went on.
Her belly was bloating with gas already too, getting slowly pumped up by itself to a huge size. But now she couldn't stop! She ignored the pressure and just went on, slurping.
In the meanwhile, he probed her belly, felt the fat and the size as he was fucking her. He found her belly button and massaged it, making her come violently, gasping and moaning, sucking in large quantities of fattening mix in between waves of ecstasy. She was pregnant with fat and was impregnating herself further.
She felt the pressure inside her double and triple and knew she could not stop. Her stomach gave a loud stretching noise as she overdid it.
He removed the large bowl and she still went on sucking on the hose, automatically, mechanically, she really could not stop. He loved that she was built like that, so pig like, it was so sexy.
Then, when the orgasm had passed, she realized that she would have went on. That should probably would made herself pop, had he not removed it.
The crazy thought scared her, but also made her horny and hot at the same time. The realization of this, the angst mixed with the lust, and the feeling of her huge pig gut fat sliding on the greasy floor, her belly pumped up as large as it had never ever been brought her immediately to another gasping orgasm.

She was set to become immobile, it was just a matter of time.

To be continued...





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