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Video: My (Rubens_Feeder) Belly , Current Size and Progress as a Feedee Featured

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If you want to see how large I have grown already, here is a video where I also talk about my belly.

 As a feedee, I'm getting fatter and enjoy it so much. A female feeder told me that very likely I'll grow extremely fat, possibly even immobile. My stories and fantasies and energy makes other people fatten up and according to her, after I have done this for a long time, the impulse and energy is radiating back to me. And it is fattening me up now. I can feel that and the fatter I grow, the more my resistance melts and I want to give in to it. Now since I have step by step gotten fatter in the last 5 years and it is going to continue, like any feedee, I should document the progress. So this is the way I look in December 2012, 107 kg (236 pounds). And I totally agree with her that I should be an example for other feeders and feedees, to show fast weight gain, stretch marks and how I settle into becoming a very fat man. It should inspire other feeders and feedees to not wait and start gaining, because you just have to follow your destiny and if you were meant to be fat, you should start gaining right now.

Please find the video at the bottom of the page,  under media.



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Ich bin Rubens_Feeder und der Macher dieser Site. Ich bin Feeder und Feedee zugleich.
Ich bin auf folgenden Netzwerken: (Tublr stirbt leider langsam vor sich hin, seit XXX gebannt wurde)


Hi, I'm Rubens_Feeder and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

Tumblr is slowly dying since the banned XXX.


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