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Monday, 17 December 2012 09:04

Fattening Videos Featured

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And here a really hot video called Pigs is Pigs, super old, but still very cool and current. 


Many feedees told me that this video was a total inspiration for them.




and another one, that got inspired by the above one. I love the scene, where Homer Simpson is force fed with donuts and is unsatiable. ;-)





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  • Comment Link Marzopolis Sunday, 24 March 2013 22:07 posted by Marzopolis

    My problem with the Simpsons cartoon here is that it trivializes going to hell as a laughable situstion, which it most assuredly is not. Obesity and stuffing oneself is neither saintly nor devlish- it is simply a human condition and our own twisted human values assign a "good" or "bad" to it. For example, I was in torture because of my sexual preference for massively obese women until my family moved to new ork City, where I observed the most Godly jews walking hand-in-hand with enormously obese wives- young women so fat they could barely walk. I later learned that the obese wife was the prefered female amongst biblical jews- a statement of feminine power and fertility- like the Oracles of delphi- obesity amongst females was considered a gift of the gods. This western culture has given birth to equating fattening foods with "sin", which aren't sinful at all, just because some are rich and fattening. No where in the Bible can I find the admonition against obesity nor eating fattening foods. And of course, there are far too many so-called Christian ministeries that equate obesity with eveil and sin, which it of course is not. But unfortunately, the general pubic has accepted its demented definition as gospel to reinforce and justify its hatred of obesity.

  • Comment Link Maegun H Wednesday, 20 February 2013 06:19 posted by Maegun H

    I love them both but my fave, because I grew up with it, is the simpsons. They've had many episodes that show about indugling,including one episode I beleive it is episode seven from season seven,"King Size Homer" where he purposely gains weight so he can stay home and work. I love it. ^_^

  • Comment Link Marzopolis Sunday, 17 February 2013 20:39 posted by Marzopolis

    If I had wwritten this cartoon, I would have Piggy be offered the dessert course after munching on the drumstick, and after enough pastries and ice-cream (funnel-fed, of course) grow to the size of a balloon (like Violet in the Willie Wonka movie) with the mad scientist trying to roll him out the door, only to get him stuck due to his unexpected size- too big and round even for the exit doors! At that point, he would have awakened from the dream. Of course, the animation is superb and demonstrates the decline in the animation process due to costs (they used hand painted cells, thousand per real time minute).

  • Comment Link Marzopolis Thursday, 14 February 2013 00:35 posted by Marzopolis

    I must confess that when I was a child, I tried to purchase a feeding formula intended for hogs that actually blocked the sense of feeling full from eating to their brains, for the purpose of making them eat constantly so fatter and fatter hogs would result. I wanted to secretly add this compound to the food my "babysitter" consumed (I was 10 years old) as she was a chubby girl, and I imagined her the size of a weather balloon. I couldn't obtain the compound, but I was inspired by this cartoon to try to start feeding her more and more whenever my parents hired her to watch me. I'm thrilled to see it featured here.

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