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Wednesday, 27 March 2013 22:42

My future pants, Rubens_feeder

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60W 32L!

Today I bought 60W 32L pants. I am currently wearing a 40W 32L and the new pants are a hot confession to what will happen to my waist band, well, not having a choice much, what NEEDS to happen to my belly size and what will.

I have not felt that much when I was wearing a 38W, but when I got to 40 and now 42, I feel the pull of fat, the realization that there are now a lot more fat cells than when I was thin and their purpose is of seed fat, to keep me gaining and make it impossible that I can still resist.

I had a inexplicable compulsion to go for this pant size and it was very exciting to buy them.

I love my belly, the way it pokes out, the way that it jiggles and I wanna keep growing, well have to keep growing: There is like a program inside my body that knows that I was born to get fatter, that I am very good at it.

Then, when wearing them for the first time, the feeling got clearer: I’m sure I will feel the vacuum of them, sucking on my belly, to grow and fill them out, of my seed belly fat to balloon up, my fat cells to multiply into a massive amount of lard,

that one day in the able care of a female feeder, they will get full with my fat gut and how the lard will start pushing against the seams. I have never been this fat in my life.

It is so exciting to show you all this. I made a video of what my belly currently looks like and how it looks in these huge pants. I feel like that man in the picture




and it is so exciting to know that I will get pumped up by a woman and I will make sure that you can see me inflate at every stage, my fattening should inspire you, I know that there are so many women that love to see a thin man get fatter and fatter and be helpless to do anything about it. And other fat men, that are holding back or are still scared of gaining and becoming super fat. Or have not found their feeder yet and this should be a inspiration: fatten that feedee up!

I’m so excited what will happen to me, how I am like a pig, I cannot stop getting fatter, that choice is gone, but I can chose if it happens slow, fast or very fast. And why not speed it up and enjoy the fattening? I’m impatient and know that I am also fattening up for your viewing pleasure, I want you to see how I am gaining.

"I can't believe it, this was me before before I gained 300 pounds through my feeder, she always said that I had a huge potential to fullfill. She knew I could be a lot more and now I am on the way to be all that I can be, a very fat man!"

Now I know that I am not that fat yet, I might be too thin for many fat loving women. BUT, I know that there is a female feeder out there that loves my stories, loves all the confessions I do about how I need to fattened up, how I feed female feedees and what  pig is just waiting to take me over. A woman that would love to "ruin" my still firm thin body and grow me, seduce me to the fat and turn on the pig in me and watch how I become a massive sack of lard, complete with hanging belly and a waddle in my step. A woman that would love to see how the overeating will stretch my stomach and I have a harder and harder time getting full, a woman that loves stretch marks and feeds me fast to get them. A woman that gets off knowing that after opening up my stomach and getting my belly settled into a large layer of fat, I'll be waiting for funnel feeding, then tube feeding and finally getting more and more helpless as the fat weighs me down and how I get more and more fat addicted, how the pig is taking over fully and how I cannot stop eating.  And us both knowing that I got so fat because of her, that I got this huge fat belly because of her efforts ;-)

It is so exciting to know all this is coming and feel it in my belly! So this video will be a hot testament later on how fat I have gotten.


Video as always is at the bottom of the page!


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a href="http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xyldm5_my-future-pants_lifestyle


  • Comment Link Rubens_Feeder Monday, 10 June 2013 04:36 posted by Rubens_Feeder


    That is so hot what you are writing, thank you for encouraging me. Fat men and fat women like you, of these amazing proportions are my idols, my role models and thank you so much for describing how it will be for me to get so fat, I can't wait to feel it! It will be so incredible, so magic to feel the fat growing and know "nope, this is not accidental, I'm currently in the care of a female feeder and I am being purposefully fattened up!"
    and then just let it happen and grow and grow, post pictures here so I can inspire others to grow too. I probably could not keep up, but such a sexy thought would be to compete with you and feed and fatten you, but I would have to eat as much as you at the same time and my stomach would grow quite large and fast too to keep up with you. I admire your dedication to grow so fat and I dream about it so much too!

  • Comment Link Susanne Monday, 22 April 2013 13:18 posted by Susanne

    Congrats on getting such big pants to fill in! It is such an amazing feeling to fill those out and more. I was once a size 10x. I was so aroused every time I ordered clothes online and even at a 10x worried if they'd be too tight. :) The day those pants become tight on you, will be a day you'll never forget! When I had just about outgrown mine I was beaming with pride! It inspired me to go sit at a buffet and pig out for six hours that day. I could barely move after that feast! But that pushed me just over the edge to where those stretchy 10x's were to tight to wear! Good luck on your journey. Each size you go up is a milestone worth celebrating with a feast to help usher you into the next size.

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